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    If You Think Your Luck Is Bad, Be Glad You're Not Post Malone

    The plane drama, a car crash, and now a home invasion? Leave Post Malone!

    We don't have time to dilly dally because god knows what else will happen to Post Malone in the time it takes you to read this post. I'm just here to say whoever has his voodoo doll – LEAVE HIM ALONE! Or like, at least give him a break.

    If you're wondering what I'm talking about, let's start from the beginning. On August 21 — which I have to stress was only THREE WEEKS ago — Post Malone ran into his first problem on a private jet.

    Upon take off, two of the plane's tires exploded which...well, I'm not a pilot but that doesn't exactly sound great. In fact, it sounds goddamn terrifying.

    The jet had to stay in the air for hours before it could try and land, but it eventually touched down safely and everybody breathed a sigh of relief.

    i landed guys. thank you for your prayers. can't believe how many people wished death on me on this website. fuck you. but not today

    Everything was pretty dandy in the life of Post Malone for a short while, until September 7 when he was then involved in a car crash. Two vehicle dramas in less than three weeks? That's really bad luck.

    Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt, despite the fact Malone's Bentley "crashed through a fence after colliding with another car". Yikes.

    Post Malone after surviving a car accident

    At the scene of the accident, Malone said: "First almost a plane then almost a car. God must be trying to kill me." He also tweeted after the incident, somehow still in good spirits.

    Which brings us to today, three days after the car crash, when it was reported that Post Malone was the target of a home invasion. SERIOUSLY, GIVE THE GUY A BREAK!

    According to TMZ, Malone doesn't actually live at the property anymore, but one of the three robbers yelled "Where's Post Malone?!" before stealing a shit ton of stuff. About $20,000 worth to be exact.

    People on Twitter are reacting exactly as you'd expect them to, of course.

    Yo @god why you tryna get rid of Post Malone? First the plane, second the car crash. Now people try to invade his old house, in which the current resident was pistol whipped. Can you chill???!!!!!!! Thanks!! @PostMalone stay safe Austin

    conspiracy theory!!!!!! the illuminati is after post malone and thats why he has almost died 3 times

    starting to think Post Malone is invincible idk

    Now look, I'm not the biggest fan of Post Malone. That's not shade, I just don't really know that much about him. But even I'm starting to feel sorry for the poor guy. So this is my final call — LEAVE HIM ALONE!

    And if you're reading this Post Malone please, for the love of God, just stay at home in a padded room for the next couple of weeks.