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    Paul McCartney Told The Story About Why Lisa Is Still A Vegetarian On "The Simpsons" And It's Pretty Funny

    "He's always surrounded by nine or ten lawyers so it's quite frightening."

    Paul McCartney just confirmed that he's the reason Lisa Simpson is still a vegetarian after he made a cameo on the show more than two decades ago.

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    The iconic musician appeared as himself in the 1995 Simpsons episode "Lisa the Vegetarian". Paul's then-wife Linda also starred alongside him, with both convincing Lisa to give up eating meat.

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    But it turns out that, behind the scenes, Paul was concerned that the storyline would be something of a gag that'd be forgotten down the line. However, because he's the Paul McCartney, he made sure that wasn't the case.

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    "We were a bit worried that she would be a vegetarian for a week, then Homer would persuade her to eat a hot dog," Paul told British GQ in a recent interview.

    It turns out that the producers of the show were more than happy to meet Paul's request, making sure that Lisa has stayed vegetarian ever since.

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    He said: "The producers of the program assured us that she would remain that way and they kept their word."

    And Paul would know if the producers had gone back on their word. No, not because he watches the show, but because he apparently still checks!

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    David Mirkin, a show consultant for The Simpsons, revealed in an interview back in March that, whenever he bumps into Paul, the Beatles legend makes sure to ask about Lisa.

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    "He always checks," David told the Radio Times. "And he's always surrounded by nine or ten lawyers so it's quite frightening."

    You can read Paul's full interview with British GQ here.

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