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What Do You Wish You Were Taught About LGBT Sex In School?

Learning about penis going in vagina isn't exactly useful.

Everybody remembers their sex-ed classes from school. Penis goes in vagina, this is how babies are made, don't catch chlamydia, right?

But unfortunately for younger members of the LGBT community, this "education" is pretty shit. What do you need to know about putting your penis in a vagina if you're a gay man, for example.

So, what do you wish you were taught when you were in school?

Maybe you've been out of school for years and looking back, wish you'd learned about something sooner rather than having to figure it out for yourself.

Or maybe you're still in school or just coming out and have a lot of questions (and there's no such thing as a stupid question).

Whatever questions you have, drop them in the comments section below. Some of them will be used to make a BuzzFeed Community guide aimed at younger LGBT people because hey, they need sex education too.