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    Kendall Jenner Is The Subject Of A Slut-Shaming Debate After Her Ex-Boyfriend's Sister Posted Shady Tweets

    "It's 2019, why is sl*t shaming still a thing?"

    As one of the most famous supermodels in the world, Kendall Jenner has a love life that is often the topic of intense scrutiny. But a recent tweet about her supposed dating history, followed by tweets from her ex-boyfriend's sister, has been called out for slut-shaming.

    It all started when a picture of five NBA players surfaced alongside a caption that suggested Jenner had dated them all, something which the model quickly denied, saying only two were accurate.

    2 out of 5 accurate, thanks

    One of the players in the photo is LA Lakers basketballer Kyle Kuzma, whom Jenner was recently seen with aboard a yacht while celebrating the 4th of July.

    Another player pictured is Australian basketballer Ben Simmons, whom Jenner reportedly dated until earlier this year.

    A few days after the yacht pictures surfaced, Simmons' sister Olivia tweeted saying she didn't want to be known for dating athletes, and people immediately assumed she was throwing shade at Jenner.

    I just wouldn’t ever wanna be known for dating athletes. Like imagine working your way through a league. Not a team a LEAGUE!

    Minutes later, Olivia Simmons also tweeted: "I'd rather be crazy than be a hoe."

    It wasn't long before fans of Jenner swept in to defend her, but Olivia Simmons stood her ground, saying: "I didn't say any names but if the shoe fits WEAR IT."

    @kendall_lately1 @BenSimmons25 I didn’t say any names but if the shoes fits WEAR IT

    After a back-and-forth with a Jenner stan account, Olivia then tweeted: "Don't make me start stating facts."

    Don’t make me start stating facts. Y’all wont like that very much.

    In a later tweet, she added: "I didn't name any names but clearly the shoe fits. Yall boring. It wasn't even shady it was a fact. I wouldn't want to be that girl."

    In response, somebody suggested there was a double standard and we should also "look at the men who are working their way through the IG models, models, actresses and singers". Olivia called it an interesting point but said she would elaborate privately.

    @ilovegot50 Interesting DM me about this I’ll tell you my point of view

    The tweets were met with a mixed reaction, with many calling out the situation for slut-shaming.

    @PopCrave It's 2019, why is sl*t shaming still a thing?

    Others pointed out that Jenner is probably better known for her modelling than for her dating history.

    @PopCrave she thinks kendall is known for dating nba players i HAVE to laugh

    @PopCrave Kendall is a JENNER, why would she need a NBA player to be relevant? 😭😭 I thought we left sl*ut shaming in 2018 but-

    Fans also called the speculation surrounding Jenner's love life "ridiculous", hitting back at replies which claimed she was lying about whom she had previously dated.

    @KendallJenner This is ridiculous! They still not understood that you can actually go out with a guy without having a romantic relationship?! Can she hang out with guys without people assuming anything? Thanks

    @KendallJenner How yall act so sure about her relationship than herself??

    BuzzFeed News has reached out to reps of Kendall Jenner for comment.