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    Katy Perry Pretended A Tree Was Tom Cruise And Got Suspended For "Making Sexual Motions" To It

    "Katy pretended that a tree was Tom Cruise and began making sexual motions ('pelvic thrusts') to the tree" — Katy Perry's school report, 1996.

    Katy Perry has always been something of a free spirit, which is probably part of the reason why she has so many fans around the world.

    And it turns out that Katy's always been a little ~rebellious~ as she just showed off a report card which revealed she got suspended from school as a kid. What for? Uh, humping a tree called Tom Cruise. I guess I should probably explain...

    I'm sure you already know that Katy's family are heavily religious. Her parents, Mary and Maurice, are actually pastors. So, it probably won’t come as a surprise that back in 1996, Katy Perry (then Katy Hudson) attended a Christian school in Santa Barbara.

    But at the age of 12, Katy was suspended for three days because she was caught "in an 'off limits' area practicing a skit" with four friends. According to the report, she "pretended that a tree was Tom Cruise and began making sexual motions ('pelvic thrusts') to the tree".

    Yes, you read that right — Katy was caught doing "pelvic thrusts" towards a tree which she pretended was Tom Cruise.

    But that's not all! The report goes on to say that this was one of several incidents leading up to the suspension. Katy was busted for using bad language ("pissed off" and calling third-grade students "brats"), using the Lord's name in vain (yes she got told off for saying "oh my god"), and for playing games such as spin the bottle and truth or dare which "resulted in students kissing on the cheek". The scandal.

    To top it all off, Katy was also admonished for doing the Macarena. The report described her dancing as having "sexual overtones" and one teacher apparently said it was "like an exotic dancer".

    Oh, and Katy was finally told off for wearing crop tops on multiple occasions, resulting in her mom apparently promising it wouldn't happen again. All in all, Katy had SEVEN "conferences" in a single month, with an eighth scheduled because of the tree incident.

    Don't believe me? Just take a look at the report for yourself. Warning though — scandalous behaviour ahead.