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Katy Perry Had To Be Dragged Off Stage Because She Wouldn't Stop Kissing The Bachelorette's Hand

I couldn't make this headline up if I tried.

Ever since the new season of American Idol started, I feel like I've done nothing but tell you guys about awkward moment after awkward moment. Honestly, there's been a lot.

Last night marked the finale of the season, and just when you thought there'd be enough awkward moments to last a lifetime, Katy Perry decided to throw one more in for good measure.

It started when the new bachelorette, Becca Kufrin, appeared to promote the upcoming season of the show. Katy, clearly enamoured by Becca, got on her knees and started kissing her hand.

Once the hand kiss was done, Katy expressed her love for Becca.

This then led to Katy kissing Becca's hand multiple times for a total of 10 seconds.

It took fellow judge Luke Bryan to come and drag Katy not only off of Becca, but off the stage for the hand kissing to stop.

Here's Katy, getting dragged across the floor.

I'm probably just as confused as you are, but if you want to see a clip for yourself...

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