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    Kanye West Directed The Pornhub Awards Because It's 2018 And Why Not?

    What is happening????

    Kanye West. Ohhh Kanye West. Where do we begin?


    I think instead of beating around the bush we should just dive right in and talk about Kanye lending his directorial talents to porn.


    Yep, Pornhub held their first ever Pornhub Awards last night and Kanye was the creative director of the whole shebang.

    According to a press release posted on Complex, Kanye "provided make-up styling and wardrobes" for the presenters of the night.

    And also apparently did some kind of fashion show for his Yeezy line.

    Status update: I’m at the @Pornhub awards and @kanyewest just showed up to direct a fashion show

    Here he is, directing.

    Kanye did end up creative directing the @pornhub awards and it’s lit

    But not content with just directing the show, Kanye also dropped a new line of sweatshirts on his Yeezy Supply website inspired by the winners of the night.

    So if you'd like to walk down the street wearing a sweatshirt that says "hottest female ass", "most popular female performer", "top big tits performer", "splash zone top squirting performer", or "nicest tits" along with a nice little illustration, you can!

    Obviously once the news was announced and the show began, people were...confused?

    If Kanye being the creative director for the Pornhub Awards isn’t proof that we are living in a social experiment, then I’m honestly not sure what it’s going to take.

    kanye really dropped a pornhub collab wtf

    But a lot of people were here for it!

    Kanye at the pornhub awards is the best thing ever

    Kanye West directed the 2018 pornhub awards, we live in the best reality

    Kanye really got me up at 1 AM watching the pornhub awards.

    This all comes off the back of an interview Kanye recently did where, when asked if his attitudes to women had changed after having daughters, Kanye said "Nah, I still look at Pornhub" before going on to explain his preference of porn category.


    Just another day in the world of Kanye West.