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Kim Kardashian Just Revealed That Kanye Paid Her A Million Dollars For Not Posting An Ad On Instagram

And here I am, posting pictures to Instagram for free like a mug.

The life of celebrities is sometimes hard to fathom, what with them being super rich and us regular people being...well, not super rich. So, because of this pretty major difference, it's sometimes hard to relate to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

I mean, has your significant other paid you a million dollars because you didn't post a picture on Instagram? Yeah, I didn't think so. What am I talking about? Allow me to explain.

So, Kim recently made an appearance on Ashley Graham's Pretty Big Deal podcast where they spoke about everything from North pretending she's an only child, eating dinner at Jennifer Lopez's house, and what really goes down inside the Met Gala. It was jam packed with piping hot tea.

But one of the more interesting stories came about when Kim revealed she was once offered a million dollars by a fashion brand to post an ad on Instagram.

Now just before we continue, imagine posting ONE picture to Instagram and earning a million bucks for the effort. I'm here like a mug posting pictures everyday for free.


Now obviously someone like me would have already cashed the million dollars and spent half of it, but Kim was a little more hesitant because the brand, who she refused to name, "typically knock off Yeezy" which is obviously the fashion brand owned by her husband.

But since it was such a big amount of money, Kim asked Kanye what he thought about the deal. He said he didn't want her to do it and so Kim turned the offer down.

So, the week after it was Mother's Day and Kim gets her flowers and thinks that's that. Except a large envelope also gets delivered to her door. I think you can guess what was inside.


"I open the envelope and it was a million dollar check, and there was a note saying 'thank you for always supporting me and not posting'."


But that wasn't it — alongside the check was also a hefty contract, giving Kim a percentage ownership of Yeezy!

Kris Jenner asked if Kim would actually cash the check because, you know, that's her husband. Kim's response?

I was like, 'You better believe I’m gonna cash this. Yes, I have no shame, I’m cashing this check.'

And although Kim had her reservations and said to Kanye she couldn't accept the money, she ended up cashing the million dollars two days later. I told you celebrities were relatable.


You can listen to the full episode of Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham on here.

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