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    John Krasinski Shared A Hilarious Halloween Story About A Dad Who Was Terrified Of A Haunted House

    This is what happens when you scare people!

    John Krasinski has us all beat when it comes to sharing the best Halloween stories. And, in true Krasinski style, it's more funny than scary.

    Appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers, John was asked about his fondest memories of the holiday growing up and, of course, he didn't disappoint.

    So, the story goes that John went to Spooky World for Halloween one year. Ahead of him in the queue for the haunted house, a dad and his son were waiting.

    According to John, it was clear that the dad wanted no part of the haunted house at all but was trying to save face.

    But things descended into chaos when, at the very first turn, someone dressed up as Dracula appeared in a coffin.

    The dad's reaction? He got so scared that he punched Dracula in the face.

    And then, as John was leaving, what does he see? Dracula, the father, and a cop all having a word outside.

    I just hope poor Dracula recovered. You can watch John tell the story for yourself here.