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    Jimmy Fallon Just Explained Why He Hates Mayonnaise And Honestly I'm Disgusted

    "It's the grossest thing on the face of the Earth."

    Mayonnaise is one of those things that people either really love or really hate. I don't think there's an in-between when it comes to the ole' white stuff. One of the people sitting firmly on the "hate it" side of the argument? None other than Jimmy Fallon.

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    Jimmy made the revelation to Kendall Jenner on his chat show recently, where the two discussed the foods they hate. Kendall confessed that for her it was bananas. Apparently even the smell gives her a headache.


    Jimmy admitted he felt the same about mayonnaise, calling it "the grossest thing on the face of the Earth". Pretty strong words, right?


    But why does Jimmy hate the condiment so much? The story behind it is pretty gross, so don't say I didn't warn you.


    Jimmy revealed that back when he was a kid, he decided to put his head between some metal bars. I think at this point we can agree that little Jimmy was full of bright ideas.


    Obviously, his head got stuck because it shouldn't be between two iron bars in the first place. Tasked with having to get her grandson's head free, Jimmy's grandma was left with no choice but to improvise. I think you can probably guess what happened next...


    Just for a second, imagine having mayonnaise rubbed all over your head. Think how it'd feel having thick globs of it smeared down your face. Just think of the SMELL!


    To make matters even worse, it was hot outside. Like, 95 degrees hot. All I can imagine is curdled mayonnaise slathered over my face while it's stuck between two bars.


    If you've still got the contents of your stomach, you can watch the clip for yourself here. I wouldn't advise listening to the story twice though...🤮

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