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Helen Mirren Taking A Shot On The Red Carpet Will Make You Say "Me At The Oscars"

Even the Queen apparently likes a tequila!

So Helen Mirren was at the Oscars on Sunday night and tbh she looked like she was having a fantastic time.

She posed for pictures on the red carpet.

She got excited when she saw the Oscar statues, even though she already has one herself.

And she also walked down the red carpet with a shot.

Like, for real.

And obviously she didn't just hold the shot glass, she knocked it back too.

Helen Mirren takes a shot of tequila on the #Oscars carpet

People obviously loved it.

Never thought I'd dream of going to a big Hollywood event until I saw this pic of Helen Mirren taking a shot of tequila on the red carpet.

Because, duh, everything about it is iconic.

helen mirren taking a shot of tequila in the oscars carpet is my new favourite thing

And it's basically given us all goals to strive for.

where do you see yourself in 50 years? taking a tequila shot on the red carpet a la helen mirren

Helen Mirren – a queen, an inspiration, and our hero.