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The Naked Rowers Are Back And Their Butts Are Ready To Fight Homophobia

The Warwick Rowers have released their 2017 calendar to promote inclusivity in sport.

Since 2009, the Warwick Rowers have been posing for naked calendars that aim to raise money and awareness to tackle homophobia in sport.

Warwick Rowers

And now, god bless the powers that be, the butts are back and more magnificent than ever.

Warwick Rowers

The calendar's main goal is "to promote positive, inclusive, and respectful attitudes towards people of all genders and sexualities".

Warwick Rowers

It also aims "to fund the rowing programme at the University of Warwick, making it accessible to more students", and also "to fund the ongoing development of the charity Sport Allies, which promotes sport as an inclusive and supportive route for personal growth".

And...well, they've certainly got our attention.

Warwick Rowers

Look, 14 peachy butts out in the wild! And for charity too, so it's perfectly fine to look and admire.

Warwick Rowers

Seriously, admire away because it's for a damn good cause.

Warwick Rowers

This brings a whole new meaning to having each other's back.

You can buy as many calendars as you like. In fact, we encourage you to buy one for everybody you know.

Warwick Rowers

They'll appreciate it if they have eyes.

I don't know if you can hire the rowers to decorate your Christmas tree this year, but it's worth inquiring about.

It's 2 months until Christmas today...have you thought what you're going buy you're loved ones? Maybe a visit to…

So yes, we appreciate butts every day. But there's something even better about appreciating a butt that's out there for a good cause.

And if you thought still images was it, here's the video for the calendar. Watch in the name of banishing homophobia and making sports more inclusive. *WAR CRY*

You can follow the Warwick Rowers on Twitter and Instagram, and you can buy the calendar, along with other products, here.