Mike Johnson Opened Up About His Relationship With Demi Lovato By Revealing She "Kisses Really Well"

    As well as revealing that Demi "kisses really well", Mike opened up about who made the first move and what he doesn't like about their current situation.

    Things look to be hotting up between Demi Lovato and Mike Johnson, with the Bachelorette star opening up about their relationship in a recent interview.

    But, before we get there, let's rewind for a second. How exactly did we get here? Well, I'm glad you asked...

    So, because waiting to be approached by men is a societal norm enforced by the patriarchy, Demi took the initiative by shooting her shot and uploading a picture of Mike to Instagram, seemingly confessing her crush.

    Then, because not all heroes wear capes, Demi waded into the waters again when she indirectly responded to Mike's tweet about his future wife.

    In September, Demi shared an unedited picture to Instagram, revealing it was her "biggest fear" but that she was "tired of being ashamed" of her body.

    Then, just over a week ago, Mike confirmed the news that he and Demi were "getting to know each other".

    OK, so now we're all up to speed and on the same page, that brings us to a recent appearance Mike made on the Almost Famous podcast where, of course, he was asked about his ~situation~ with Demi.


    First of all, he confirmed that the two had been on more than one date, which is maybe what all that 😏 was about.

    Adding to a list of compliments he had already heaped on the singer, Mike added: "I like her tattoos — we both have a lot of tattoos. Demi has more than me. And she kisses really well."

    Revealing how they got into this situation in the first place, Mike said that it was Demi who was the "aggressor" which he finds "incredibly sexy".

    Speaking of their relationship, which isn't official yet so we should all calm down, Mike said that he doesn't like the fact that it's so public.


    "To be quite honest, I personally don't like it. I am very private with my relationships," he said. He later added: "I personally don't care to talk about what I do behind closed doors. I'm a gentleman; I'm not gonna kiss and tell. I might not be a gentleman to her always."

    I think this was a sex joke, but unconfirmed.

    Mike also doesn't like the situation being played out so publicly because he's worried about how it'll be perceived if the pair don't make things official.

    On a lighter note though, it turns out that Mike isn't exactly a stan of Demi's music. In fact, he seems to barely know any of her songs.


    "Me and my homies, we have not listened to a lot of Demi Lovato songs," said Mike, who was not familiar with the masterpiece that is "Skyscraper". "It's not because of her, it's just because of genre. That's not our go-to genre."

    Anyway, that's all I've got for you today. Tune in next time for another will-they-won't-they breakdown. Bye!

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