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19 British Horror Movies That Are Goddamn Terrifying

None of them involve a badly made cup of tea, surprisingly.

1. 28 Days Later (2002)

Fox Searchlight Pictures

What it's about: A bike courier wakes to find London deserted after being attacked by the "Rage" virus. When he finds other survivors, they begin a journey in the hope of avoiding those that have been affected.

2. Creep (2004)


What it's about: When she falls asleep in a tube station, Kate wakes to find herself locked in for the night. What she doesn't know is that she's got company.

3. The Descent (2005)


What it's about: A group of friends go on an underground expedition to explore caves, but soon realise they are not alone.

4. Hellraiser (1987)

Entertainment Film Distributors

What it's about: A man accidentally opens the portal to hell, allowing creatures called Cenobites to enter the world and tear his body apart. What is left of his body comes back to life, and he convinces his lover to lure men back to the house so he can use their blood to rebuild himself.

5. Eden Lake (2008)

Optimum Releasing

What it's about: While away on holiday, a couple confront a group of youths, with horrifying consequences.

6. See No Evil (1971)

Columbia Pictures

What it's about: A blind woman returns home to find her family have been murdered, and the killer is still there. A game of cat and mouse begins, with the woman trying to escape the killer and learn their identity.

7. Triangle (2009)

Icon Productions

What it's about: After their yacht is struck by strange weather conditions, the passengers jump onboard another ship, only for things to take a turn for the worse when a loop of déjà vu begins.

8. Under The Skin (2013)


What it's about: An extraterrestrial disguises herself as a human woman and drives around Scotland attempting to lure men into her van.

9. Dread (2009)

After Dark Films

What it's about: After seeing his parents get killed by an axe murderer as a kid, Quaid (now a student) carries out an experiment to explore other people's biggest fears. Intent on taking things to the next level, he begins studying what it takes for people to face and overcome their fears. Believe me, it's messed up.

10. Tony (2009)

Revolver Entertainment

What it's about: The movie focuses on a man living in the city of London. Visitors to his house often complain of the rotting smell, unaware that the smell is of the decomposing bodies hidden in the flat.

11. The Awakening (2011)

StudioCanal UK

What it's about: After sighting of a ghost child at a boy's boarding school, a writer who exposes hoaxes goes to investigate. But she soon discovers the dark secrets the school holds.

12. Asylum (1972)

Cinerama Releasing Corporation

What it's about: When a doctor goes for an interview at an asylum, he is given the task of questioning the inmates in order to find Doctor Starr, the former head of the asylum who suffered a nervous breakdown.

13. The Children (2008)

Vertigo Films

What it's about: Two families go away on holiday together, unaware that their children have fallen ill with a disease that turns them into psychotic killers.

14. The Dead (2010)

Anchor Bay Entertainment

What it's about: After a plane crash, a navy officer is forced to trek through zombie territory in order to get back home.

15. The Hallow (2015)

Entertainment One

What it's about: After moving to a remote house in Ireland, a family are forced to fight against the demonic creatures that haunt them.

16. The Haunting (1963)


What it's about: A doctor takes two specifically selected women to a haunted mansion, where one of them believes the house is alive and speaking to her.

17. Howl (2015)

Starchild Pictures

What it's about: A group of passengers are attacked on a train by a strange creature, and must then survive until morning.

18. The Wicker Man (1973)

British Lion Films

What it's about: A detective travels to a small Scottish island in an attempt to solve the mystery of a missing child, and is met by the island's strange population and rituals.

19. The Mirror (2014)

Haunted Mirror

What it's about: Based on real events. Three flatmates band together to buy a haunted mirror and record the paranormal activities that follow. Things get pretty fucked up.