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    Billie Eilish Dropped A Brand-New Music Video, And Fans Think They've Discovered An Important Hidden Meaning Behind The Visuals

    "She's so much happier and I love it."

    Let's not waste any time here — Billie Eilish has dropped a brand-new single, "Therefore I Am", and it's a smash.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    I mean, it's Billie Eilish, so did we really expect anything other than a certified slap? No!

    And not just content with delivering a moody bop, Billie also dropped the music video for the single, living out all of our childhood dreams and taking over a deserted mall.

    Darkroom / Interscope Records

    The "Bad Guy" singer can be seen running around, making pit stops at places like Chipotle to pick up snacks and drinks.

    Darkroom / Interscope Records

    To be honest, the whole video is a dream!

    Darkroom / Interscope Records

    However, some fans think this is more significant than Billie just having a good ol' time. Back in October, the 18-year-old became the subject of debate after a paparazzi picture began circulating on social media, resulting in people defending her against body-shaming.

    Leave Billie Eilish and her body alone fuckin weirdos

    Following the debate that literally nobody asked for, Billie appeared to respond to the noise with a pointed video by YouTuber Chizi Duru, who encouraged people to "normalize real bodies".

    So fans now think Billie is giving a subtle middle finger to the body-shaming she's experienced by living her best life and doing whatever the hell she wants to.

    can we talk about how billie eilish was running in a mall, eating whatever she wants after all the bodyshaming she had? billie litteraly said fuck haters, stan this queen #BillieEilish

    Y'all body shamed Billie and she made a whole music video of her eating. I LOVE HER I LOVE HER I LOVE HER.

    Although Billie hasn't confirmed the message behind the song or video, thousands of people appear to agree that she's just living her best life.

    billie said this is for you body shamers

    billie said “yall got something to say bout my weight?? this how much much i don’t give a fuck”

    And, most importantly, fans are glad to see Billie looking happy.

    she's so much happier and i fucking love it I ADORE BILLIE SO MUCH

    You can watch the video for yourself here.