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Beyoncé Is Offering People A Lifetime Supply Of Concert Tickets If They Go Vegan And Twitter Has Thoughts

"Hand me the lettuce."

This is a public service announcement — we're all going vegan and that's that. Sorry, no arguments. Why are we going vegan, you might ask? Because Beyoncé told us to, it's really very simple.

Yes, Queen Bey is back to peddling her vegan lifestyle and this time she's resorting to giving out one incredibly special gift to those who help save the planet.

Jumping on Instagram, Bey posted a picture of her "Greenprint", which is basically what she does in order to reduce her carbon emissions. For Beyoncé, this means eating a plant-based breakfast and also doing "meatless Mondays".

But while it's great to see that Beyoncé is doing her bit to save the planet, fans were a little more focused on the Instagram caption that accompanied the picture...

Free tickets to any Beyoncé and/or Jay-Z concert FOR LIFE? Just for eating things that are green? Sign me tf up.

Obviously Twitter feels exactly the same.

holdon.... Beyoncé offering lifetime tickets to all her shows if we win a contest for going vegan? bitch hand me some lettuce.

Wait...Beyoncé giving out free tickets for life for going vegan?!

ALL my family are going vegan. my momma, my dog. even my bed bugs PERIOD. we all seeing Aunt Beyoncé

Because if you're going to turn vegan, it may as well be in dedication to Beyoncé.

I mean if I’m going vegan for anybody it’ll be Beyoncé

Some are already struggling with the concept though.

me forcing myself to go vegan to win those free beyoncé tickets

Me eating meat after I entered the contest to win Beyoncé concert tickets for life for being vegan

While others are just straight up mad and holding negotiations of their own.

beyoncé wont leave us alone about being vegan... she been buggin for years the same way we’ve been begging for the formation world tour. so why don’t we make a deal. you give us the formation world tour dvd, we’ll do your vegan challenge @beyonce

So, will you be going vegan for Beyoncé?