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    I Am Freaking Out Over This Tumblr Post About Beyoncé And Elastigirl

    This is a lot to take in right now.

    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Gather round, we have a ~theory~ to dive into.


    The theory is this – BEYONCÉ AND ELASTIGIRL ARE THE SAME DAMN PERSON. Allow me to explain.

    So I was on Tumblr (how all good stories start) when I stumbled across this post. It was a guessing game, and I'm always up for a little procrastination in the afternoons, so I wanted to play along.

    So who was the person talking about? Well, Tumblr user ororium-z decided to shake the table and followed the clues with these two pictures.

    Roc Nation / Parkwood/ Disney Pixar

    Me right now.


    Let's analyse this a little bit more, shall we? Both Beyoncé and Elastigirl are largely well known and respected in their fields.

    TV Land

    And let's be honest, if you heard either of their voices with your eyes closed, you would recognise them immediately.


    The pair are married to successful men in the same field.

    Ari Perilstein / Getty Images / Disney Pixar

    Both of whom have been rocked by cheating allegations – Beyoncé name-dropped "Becky with the good hair" in an album that was widely thought to be about Jay's alleged infidelities, and Bob Parr had that whole Mirage situation.

    Disney Pixar

    If those clues weren't evidence enough, Beyoncé and Elastigirl both have three kids, the oldest of whom is a girl named after a colour (Blue and Violet).


    So in conclusion, I am taking this as solid proof that the Incredibles franchise is actually based on the life and times of Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. Mind successfully blown. The End.


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