13 Things Our Dogs Probably Dream About

What’s going on in that doggy brain? We’ve got some pretty good guesses - sprinting through dog parks and catching millions of frisbees are definitely up there. Love playing with your best bud at the dog park? If you think your dog park deserves a makeover, enter the Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest - if you win, you will get a $10k cash award, a year supply of Beneful & your idea will help inspire a $500k Dream Dog Park renovation in your area!

1. When I caught the frisbee at the park today, my Best Buddy called me a good boy. That was awesome. Tomorrow I'm gonna be a best boy.

Christian Schnettelker / Via Flickr: 96913861@N04

2. What if there were no doors? I could go ANYWHERE. To the dog food store. To the dog park. To the tennis ball store. To the place where all the squirrels live.

Massimo Ricci / Via Flickr: maxymax85

3. Oh, my God. I actually caught my tail. Oh my God. This is great. What do I do with it.

Katie Brady / Via Flickr: cliche


Dean Souglass / Via Flickr: deansouglass

5. Thank you for walking me, Best Buddy! What's that, you say? You want to walk for another eight hours? Wonderful!

timlewisnm / Via Flickr: gozalewis

6. Wanna go to the park? YES. Wanna go to the park? YES. Wanna go to the park? YES. Wanna go to the park? YES. Wanna go to the park? YES.

Matthew Rutledge / Via Flickr: rutlo

7. Look at all these windows!! I'm going to stick my head out of ALL OF THEM!!

Tony Alter / Via Flickr: 78428166@N00

8. I'm inventing a game called RACE MY BEST BUDDY. You run and run and run until you can't run anymore. Loser gets his face licked. Winner gets his face licked, too.

Peter Hellberg / Via Flickr: 75489014@N00

9. Everything squeaks when I chew on it. It's a miracle.

Rennett Stowe / Via Flickr: 10393601@N08

10. The park is so beautiful at dusk! Such a colorful sunset! Black…white…gray………little red in there…

Marianne Perdomo / Via Flickr: marianneperdomo

11. I know how to spell "treat." Best Buddy thinks that when he says "T-R-E-A-T," I don't know what he's talking about. But I do. Boy, do I love treats.

J P / Via Flickr: nuskyn

12. Where do humans come from? Humans are great.

Mike McCune / Via Flickr: mccun934

13. What if the dog park is the real world and everywhere else is just a people park??

Roberto Severo / Via Flickr: rsevero

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