12 Ways The World Would Change If Your Dog Ruled The World

What if dogs were in charge? Things would be a whole lot different, and the world would be one big dog park. Does your town deserve a dog park makeover? Enter the Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest and your idea could help inspire a $500K Dream Dog Park renovation in your area!

1. "Fetch" would be a national sport.

2. There would be no war. Just some friendly sniffing and play-wrestling in dog parks.

3. Humans would be referred to as "Dog's Best Friend."


4. At 3 p.m. every day, there would be a 10-minute long, nationally recognized belly-rub break.

5. Tennis balls would be currency.

6. In addition to standard dog parks, a whole bunch of new dog water parks would open.

7. They'd funnel funding into answering the question - "What is that noise??"

Seriously though, WHAT IS THAT NOISE??

8. All dogs would be created equal. Size doesn't matter. You know what matters? Frisbees.

9. There would be privacy! Dog privacy!

10. Phones would become obsolete. What even are these things? What's the point?

11. All the awesome stuff from kid playgrounds would be put in dog parks, because why should they have all the fun?

12. In fact, you know what? The world would be a dog park. The whole world.

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