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10 Simple Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

A lady never tells her secrets, but we're feeling frisky so we'll share a few. These beauty solutions will come to the rescue in your time of need. For more tips to get gorgeous, please ask us – your girlfriends at Benefit Cosmetics.

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1. Use Hair Conditioner As Shaving Cream

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No need to head out for your date with a 5 o'clock shadow on your legs. If your roommate used the last of your shaving cream and didn't warn you, grab some hair conditioner and slather it on. It'll leave your legs even more smooth than the real stuff.

2. Make Your Own Dry Shampoo

Sarah-Rose / CC BY-ND http://2.0 / Flickr: oh_darling

Ooh girl, you could fry some beignets on those greasy roots! If you don't have time for shampoo, mix 1/4 cup of cornstarch and a few drops of essential oils, apply it to your roots with an old make-up brush, comb your hair and tadaa! For dark hair, you'll want to use equal parts cornstarch and cocoa powder.

3. Stir Up A Lip Scrub With Two Simple Ingredients

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Lipstick has more staying power when your lips are prepped and ready. Exfoliating lightly once or twice a week with a mixture of 1 tsp baking soda mixed into 1 tsp olive oil will make your lips smooth and keep lip color from appearing bumpy and uneven.


Use the little magnetic strip at the front of your blush or bronzer container to keep bobby pins handy while you're getting ready, or stash two and close the box to take with you when you're on the move. You'll never have a hair out of place again.

5. Wake Up Dull Hair With A Beer Rinse

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When your locks say "beer me," go ahead and abide. Just pour a room temperature beer over wet, shampooed hair, letting it rest for 2-3 mins, and your hair will have noticeable new life and shine.

6. Create A Pumice Stone In A PInch

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Put those complex carbs to good use for once! If you need to erase calluses in a hurry, slice a raw potato in half, dip it in sea salt, and buff away.


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Shattered blush got you down? Just mix in a small amount of rubbing alcohol, tamp the mixture down with the disinfected end of a mascara tube and let it dry overnight. Your favorite shade will be like new in the morning!

8. Treat A Fresh Bruise With Mouth Wash

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Ruh-roh, that pesky coffee table got in your way again and you have a whopper of a bruise on the horizon. Treat the affected area with some good ol' mouthwash and you could reduce the appearance of the evidence of your clumsiness in a big way. Apparently, mouthwash is also great for treating dandruff. Who knew?

9. Soak Up Grease On Clothes With Chalk

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So maybe frying up bacon in your favorite blouse was a bad idea, but it's not the end of the world. Just rub regular whiteboard chalk on the oil splatters and the grease will be soaked right up, making the proof of bacon consumption stains come out once you wash your garment.

10. Perfect Your Manicure With A Rubber Band

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Who has time to go to the nail salon every other week to get their nails touched up? Become a master of the french manicure by using a wide rubber band wrapped tightly around your nail to guide your brush into a steady, even line.