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Tell Us The TV Shows That You Believe Are Even Better After Rewatching Them

Rewatching Scrubs is an annual event.

There are A LOT of TV shows out there, so it's understandable that you may want to try something new each time. There are some, however, that can be even better the second time you watch them.

So, I want to know the TV shows that you think deserve or require multiple viewings!

Perhaps, like me, there's always a time of the year when a Scrubs rewatch is necessary, and it's almost better every time.

You may have been like I was, and had to rewatch True Detective season one almost straight away...

Or maybe you thought The Good Place was even more interesting after knowing all the twists and turns.

Or perhaps you've done a full (or partially full) rewatch of Game of Thrones, and highly recommend it?

Whatever it is, we want to know the series that you think requires or deserves a rewatch and WHY! Let us know in the comments below and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!