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    Calling All Clumsy People And Those Who Suffer From Brain Farts, Here's 18 Silliest Ever Mistakes To Make You Feel A Bit Better About Yourself

    "I knew what I'd done but it was just too late, so I looked up to my impending, soggy, sticky, self-inflicted doom."

    We're only human, and with that comes the propensity for those moments that, looking back, make us think "why on earth did I do that?"

    1. "I was grocery shopping with my mom once and saw a little cactus succulent."

    2. "When I was younger, maybe 10, I was hungry and wanted to heat up a leftover Arby's sandwich."

    3. "When I was a young teenager I took inspiration from those 'pranks' on TV shows."

    4. "I was probably like eight and a sparkler I was using had just finished burning."

    5. "When my husband and I were newly married, I was drinking one of those natural ginger ales in his car, the type in a glass bottle with a pop-off lid."

    6. "I was a teenager and was chopping wood at a BBQ on a block that I thought was solid."

    7. "I was about five, and the TV got really hot."

    8. "When I was little I was in the bath one day and saw the 'No More Tears' on the kiddie shampoo bottle and promptly put some right in my eye to 'prove it'.

    9. "I work outside in west Texas and we just had a rare snowstorm. The next day after the storm, everything melted quickly and made A LOT of mud."

    10. "I went to pick up a full pint glass of juice with the hand that I was already carrying my cellphone in, and needless to say, I dropped the phone fully in the glass."

    11. "When I was a teen, I had an old water bed."

    12. "I played the bass clarinet from seventh grade to my first year of college."

    13. "It was my first day at my first real job and I was obviously a bit nervous."

    14. "A few months ago I for some reason thought it would be a good idea to quickly thaw one of those frozen lasagnas IN THE MICROWAVE."

    15. "One time I was at a water park with my sister and some friends and we were walking up to the stairs to get to the start of the water slide."

    16. "My youngest brother got a Superman cape when he was eight. He put it on and jumped down the stairs, fully expecting to fly."

    17. "I used to lay on my back reading, holding the book up."

    18. "It was 10th-grade science class, and we were bending glass into fascinating shapes."

    What's the silliest thing you've ever done? Let us know in the comments below!