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    I Don't Know Why, But People Won't Stop Sharing The Times That Common Sense Went Out The Window, And I Can Totally Relate

    "Of course, I stuck my finger into it. I charred my finger so badly that I didn’t have fingerprints for a long time."

    We've all been there when we've done something without much (or any) thought of the consequences.

    So, here are 23 people who did something real stupid and instantly regretted it.

    This post contains descriptions of injury detail. 

    1. "I thought I'd go down my little kiddie slide like a roller coaster standing up on my roller skates."

    2. "I thought I could make a swing by tying yarn to either end of a stick and tying the yarn to a tree branch."

    3. "My dumb ass ran an electric lint remover over my lips when I was about seven."

    4. "One time while we were in remote Canada fishing, my husband had a filet knife that had just been sharpened and was filleting fish."

    5. "When I was six we moved into a new house. I previously lived in an apartment with no stairs to a basement."

    6. "I was 11 and took a big slug of vodka, just like I saw people do in the movies with shots."

    7. "When I was five, I thought the electrical outlet would fit my chain of keys really well. The last thing I saw was my father's hand coming to smack me away. He probably saved my life."

    8. "I was recently doing my nails and went to put another clear coat on top after the first layer dried."

    9. "When my mom worked for Mcdonald's she was helping with a lunch rush by scooping fries."

    10. "One winter we had so much snow the drifts were only a foot or so under the eaves of single-story houses."

    11. "Every morning, after waking up, my mom would turn off and unplug my fan."

    12. "As a teen, my friend had a dildo and brought it to school to show us."

    13. "The red light was still on the stovetop. I started checking which ring was still warm by tapping them with my palms."

    14. "I opened a can of olives and dropped the lid inside the can."

    15. "I was living in this crappy apartment while in college. Only two burners worked on the stove."

    16. "In chemistry class, we were burning something. Can't remember what, but it was HOT."

    17. "Once I guess I forgot that I had literally just removed my contact lens and I thought it was stuck somewhere behind my eye."

    18. "I jumped into my sister’s pool, forgetting it was only five feet deep. I broke my big toe and scraped my foot up. Looked pretty gnarly for a while."

    19. "When I was around 11, I discovered the cigarette lighter in my dad’s car. It lit up bright red and was so pretty!"

    20. "I decided to cut roses with a giant dull kitchen knife."

    21. "I was in the kitchenette in my old office building, when a bird flew into one of the huge plate glass windows."

    22. "I was curling my hair with a curling wand and dropped it."

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

    What's the silliest accident you've ever had? Let us know in the comments below!