From Licking Cactuses To Trying To Catch Dumbbells, People Are Sharing The Dumbest Ways They've Hurt Themselves, And I Can't Help But Laugh

    "The only thing I impressed was the grass with my faceprint."

    Everyone gets hurt occasionally, but sometimes we're very much the architects of our own downfalls, and hurt ourselves in the dumbest ways.

    Well, u/Ill-Helicpter8 recently asked r/AskReddit, "What is the dumbest way you've been hurt?" and we thought we'd share some of the best responses.

    1. "I tried punching the thing where you get a amount of points if you hit it. I punched the metal part and needed to go to the hospital."


    2. "Tried to impress someone by doing a flip on a trampoline. Landed on the edge, bounced off, and met the ground. The only thing I impressed was the grass with my faceprint."


    3. "Stabbed myself in the hand pretending a pencil was a rocket ship. It was my first tattoo and I still have it 30 years later."


    4. "I was seeing if a goat would bite my finger. I have a scar."


    5. "Was carrying a heavy broken mirror to the dumpster while wearing sandals, dropped the mirror and guillotined my big toe. It was one cm away from severing the tendon."


    6. "I know it sounds very Looney Tunes, but I actually stepped on the head of a rake once and the handle hit me in the face..."


    7. "I went flying off a treadmill..."


    8. "Got impatient trying to hand drill a standing panel, put my hand behind it and found the drill when it popped through. Had two perfect helix pieces of skin come up the flutes of the drill. Really felt stupid!"


    9. "I tried to punch my brother as hard as I could. In defence, he put the pair of scissors he was holding in front. I still have the cut marks."


    10. "Cracked a rib sneezing. Passed out from the pain, when I fell I broke my wrist and gashed my head open, 15 stitches."


    11. "'Friend' tossed a 25 lbs dumbbell in my direction and tried to block it with my left hand and snapped my ring finger clean off, was successfully reattached with surgery though. High school was crazy."


    12. "I wasn’t looking where I was going after a shower (fine, I was on my phone), and fell down an entire flight of stairs. I lost my towel at the first step... I also had a lot of roommates at the time with friends over who were all downstairs so of course when I hit that last step, naked and wet, there was a group of people around me trying to make sure I was okay. It was humiliating and stupid."


    13. "As a young teen I thought carving a rubber bouncy ball with a knife was a good idea. I got three stitches in the bottom of my left palm. A year or so later I got four stitches on my left palm just under my pointer finger doing the same thing. The same nurse from the first time was on shift in triage and found it quite funny. Sadly, we didn't make it an annual thing in the following years."


    14. "Was at the gym and there was a cute guy who was always on the treadmills. Occasionally I would try match his speed on the treadmills. Whelp, I got a little too confident and tripped on my own feet and yeeted myself off the treadmill. It was worth it though! l got a good laugh out of it and broke the ice and started talking with him in the sauna. Been dating now for a year and a half."


    15. "Threw out my back putting tator tots in the oven."


    16. "I cut my eyebrow open by accidently headbanging my head into someone's shoulder to 'White and Nerdy' at a Weird Al Yankovich concert. It was the whitest and nerdiest injury I've ever had at a concert."


    17. "I licked a cactus..."


    HT to u/Ill-Helicpter8 and r/AskReddit for having the discussion!

    What's the dumbest way you've gotten hurt? Let us know in the comments below!

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