"Always Reading The Terms And Conditions From Now On" – 24 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up The New "Black Mirror" Season

    "I got kicked out of the Black Mirror writers room because I kept pitching 'air fryer gets horny'"

    An all-new Black Mirror is back on Netflix after four years and it has a stellar cast! Here's how the internet is reacting:


    Black Mirror - Joan Is Awful pic.twitter.com/XRvbbO9MaQ

    — JONATHAN 🪩 (@Jonathzn) June 15, 2023
    Twitter: @Jonathzn


    Joan is Awful without context #BlackMirror pic.twitter.com/euXzhRAnPc

    — space cowboy (@midnightifelix) June 15, 2023
    Twitter: @midnightifelix


    Black Mirror creators being paid huge sums of money to write an anti Netflix story by Netflix only to be streamed by them as an exclusive is hilarious to me, not gonna lie pic.twitter.com/zvZmQRTNbu

    — lexi (@lexi_loodles) June 15, 2023
    Twitter: @lexi_loodles


    Me always reading the terms and conditions from now on #BlackMirror pic.twitter.com/41Owj1PXwo

    — Solen Strålar (@valery_sol99) June 15, 2023
    Twitter: @valery_sol99


    i’m screaming lmao cate blanchett in black mirror they just used a pic from the comic con pic.twitter.com/uV40oy1emA

    — Vál (@filmval_) June 15, 2023
    Twitter: @filmval_


    i am asking politely for someone to cast aaron paul in literally anything where his character gets to be happy. i can’t take much more of this

    — 🌛cat 🌜 (@catatIanta) June 15, 2023
    Twitter: @catatIanta


    Black Mirror has gone too far this time… pic.twitter.com/kXmhe3fQ3K

    — Greggs (@GreggsOfficial) June 15, 2023
    Twitter: @GreggsOfficial


    “So, you finished the whole season of black mirror in 1 day after waiting 4 years for a new season. Now look at you, empty, once again” #BlackMirror pic.twitter.com/uD2yzWnMau

    — Mister Doctor? It's Shawn 🅙 (@Darth_Shawn) June 16, 2023
    Twitter: @Darth_Shawn


    I love when Black mirror episodes leave me traumatized and mentally disturbed for 12hrs pic.twitter.com/FwN7wNY9PM

    — han🤍 (@westindiansauce) June 16, 2023
    Twitter: @westindiansauce


    I got kicked out of the Black Mirror writers room because I kept pitching “air fryer gets horny”

    — 7/11 Truther (@DaveMcNamee3000) June 15, 2023
    Twitter: @DaveMcNamee3000


    If you told me this was a black mirror trailer I’d believe you pic.twitter.com/hQI0wvk1PD

    — Jane ✡︎ (@jane__mable) June 6, 2023
    Twitter: @jane__mable


    Just finished Joan is Awful and this pops up 😅 #BlackMirror pic.twitter.com/5NtxfACqJI

    — Justin (@younkman_) June 15, 2023
    Twitter: @younkman_


    Black Mirror - Joan is Awful pic.twitter.com/h1oDf6qXvV

    — John ✨ (@ohcauseshesdead) June 16, 2023
    Twitter: @ohcauseshesdead


    The first episode of #BlackMirror Season 6 has 3 jokes that legit feel like they’re about the flash even though there’s no way they could’ve known

    — Heavy Spoilers (@heavyspoilers) June 15, 2023
    Twitter: @heavyspoilers


    Watching Joan is Awful like….#BlackMirror pic.twitter.com/daaGtLkXSk

    — Trell Priest (@PriestGm) June 15, 2023
    Twitter: @PriestGm


    annie murphy seeing salma hayek playing her on joan is awful pic.twitter.com/AFr19wDlJW

    — skye (@waystarfike) June 15, 2023
    Twitter: @waystarfike


    black mirror watch party except it’s just me and a bowl of mashed potato

    — flagsaintslaw (@burgerslaw) June 15, 2023
    Twitter: @burgerslaw


    gonna watch black mirror all day pic.twitter.com/tEXw6X3loX

    — ۟ (@biazed) June 15, 2023
    Twitter: @biazed


    Black mirror season 1 with no context. pic.twitter.com/s26e3RIQiK

    — 👑 King Purcival 👑 (@purcival) June 5, 2023
    Twitter: @purcival


    now i gotta watch episode 3 because loch henry was too dark for me to go to sleep to #blackmirror pic.twitter.com/uyTokfSxnO

    — shae. (@offkeyondrecord) June 15, 2023
    Twitter: @offkeyondrecord


    black mirror season 6 episode 4

    — stop snubbing real talented ppl (@sluv4t) June 16, 2023
    Twitter: @sluv4t


    Everyone seeing Cate Blanchett in the new episode of Black Mirror pic.twitter.com/BYBaLl1uHf

    — Katie Blanket (@cateblanchyes) June 15, 2023
    Twitter: @cateblanchyes


    Black Mirror fans after watching Beyond the Sea pic.twitter.com/0NuP1BYiFL

    — Seán McCarron (@MacCarronSean) June 16, 2023
    Twitter: @MacCarronSean


    black mirror loch henry spoiler without context pic.twitter.com/f4xPwTuccP

    — louie (@louiesuns) June 15, 2023
    Twitter: @louiesuns

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