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    Dads Try Pinterest Crafts

    "It's scrapbooking. But for grown-ups with the internet."

    We gave six dads instructions for three different Mother's Day Pinterest crafts to build. The first was (I kid you not) Pretty Swirly DIY Flowers, the second was the Hand Print Lilly Craft and the third was a DIY Mother's Day Flower Pot Card. Here's what went down:

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    We started out by doing some investigative journalism and asked the dads what they thought Pinterest was. Some had a plausible answer...

    ...While others (bless) were just hoping to get an "A for effort."

    After that warm-up, it was time to get crafting...which seemed like a very daunting task.

    But the dads were super optimistic!

    And who needs instructions when you're a capable dude! SMDH.

    Some very astute observations were made.

    And important confessions came out, too.

    And apparently, the stress of crafting can make ya lose ya damn mind.

    But despite the adversity, the guys kept going...and they started to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Things got weird...

    ...In a good way.

    But most importantly, the dad's realized that moms are kickass and they were so grateful to have them in their lives.

    So grateful, infact, they might even craft again.