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Bohemian Rhapsody In 59 Vines

It's beautiful.

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LLUIS GENE / Getty Images

Vine user Cody the Payne enlisted the help of 59 different viners by having them put their own unique spin on the classic Queen song in increments of only six seconds. So far, the vines that were created have a cumulative loop count of over 2.2 million.

For those familiar with the 2+ year-old Vine community, the end result perfectly encapsulates the range, creativity, humor, and collaborative spirit of its users.

Here are some noteworthy vines that were created. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to check out the YouTube compilation of all 59 vines stitched together!

Justin J Russo kicks things off.

Bill Murray goes macro and gets dreamy.

Con-Air is first to go instrumental.

The time has come for Slim Shitty.

Trash Bag sends shivers down my spine. In slow motion.

Danasaurus Rex pays homage to the original.

CIO commences shredding.

Squashua with the key change!

Kelsey Taylor finds her inner Freddie Mercury.

Jake Biggs shows us why the glockenspiel is so underrated.

omnificent_don just plain knocks it out of the park.

Nothing really matters to Danny DeVito.

Louise brings it home.

Here's the YouTube compilation:

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