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10 Signs You’ve Got The Late-Night Munchies

OMG I need to eat everything!

1. Food commercials start to look better than the TV show you’re binging.

2. You start scrolling through food-delivery apps trying to decide if those $3 fries are worth the hour-long wait.

3. You check the fridge every 30 seconds even though nothing has changed.

4. Expiration dates feel more like suggestions than cut-offs.

5. You consider actually cooking something but give up after realizing it will take effort...

6. you just eat uncooked spaghetti instead.

7. You eat something salty, but then you need to balance it with something sweet...and then something salty again.

8. You start to wonder if dog treats are only for dogs.

9. You suddenly remember to check the freezer, and **insert choir singing "Hallelujah!"** there’s a whole pint of ice cream.

10. You wake up the next morning to a disaster kitchen.

Illustrations by Chesney Lattuga / BuzzFeed.

No matter what time it is, Ben & Jerry's is the perfect indulgence for your late-night cravings.