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12 Little Ways To Make Mornings More Fun

Waking up is hard to do! Here are some tips to make sure you always have a #morningwin, brought to you by belVita Breakfast Biscuits.

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1. Set your alarm ringer to "Circle of Life" to feel like a king first thing in the morning!

2. Hack your alarm clock to gently spray you with bubbles when it goes off.

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3. Or try something a little more extreme like rigging up a confetti cannon to it...

4. ...or adopting a little goat friend to kick you out of bed.

5. Use the 365 Project app to take your picture every morning right when you wake up.

6. Now that you're up, race your cat to the kitchen!

7. And pour your coffee into a cup that wakes up with you so you can share an early-morning smile. / CC / Via

8. Challenge your mind by doing your usual crossword puzzle without looking at the clues...

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9. ...or watching the news in a foreign language without the subtitles on.

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10. Test yourself to get ready in a shorter and shorter amount of time each day.


Do a victory dance when you beat your best time.

11. Try getting ready using your non-dominant hand — it's harder than it seems!

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12. And keep things fun by taking a different route to work every morning.

No matter what, reach for a good breakfast that gives you the energy to tackle any morning.

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