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10 Reasons Why Morning People Always Win

Morning humans are more respectable humans. Try belVita breakfast biscuits for nutritious sustained energy all morning long. #MorningWin.

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1. They don't stay up until 6 a.m. watching INSANELY BAD TV.

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Watching TV at night just makes it harder to sleep! Read a book instead.

2. They can open their blinds.


Try sleeping with the blinds open. Natural light actually makes it easier to wake up.

3. They can get out of bed.


Try to set your alarm for 15 mins earlier so you have time to lounge and check your phone.

4. They can get down the stairs.


Splash cold water in your face before you attempt to walk down the stairs and work your coffee machine.

5. They remember to eat breakfast.


Breakfast is important! It boosts your metabolism. Do it.

6. They handle workplace conflict with poise and grace.


This guy obviously isn't a morning person, we wouldn't mess with him.

7. They can answer questions that require more than a "yes" or "no" answer.


Try doing a crossword puzzle or read an article before getting to work. It will wake your brain up.

8. They can make it to work ON TIME after an office holiday party.


Not many humans can do this. Don't feel bad.

9. They can actually work out in the morning.

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Working out in the morning does actually make you feel energized, and it isn't that bad.

10. And let's be real, they just get more stuff done at work.


Work or play? 'Tis hard.