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10 Effortless Ways To Work Out In The Morning

Because who has time for anything anymore? Your workout shouldn't be a burden. Try belVita breakfast biscuits to achieve a #morningwin everyday, even when you don't have time to hit the gym.

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1. Your alarm just went off. Without even leaving your bed, knock out one minute of flutter kicks.


Check it out, you're already being productive and you haven't even left your bed!

2. Now, without missing a beat, roll off your bed onto the floor. Do 30 push-ups.


Yep, you haven't even gotten vertical yet, and you've already done more than most people do in the morning.

3. That morning breath is starting to get annoying. Do some lunges over to the bathroom so you can fix this.


Remember, lunges are about taking your time and really feeling the burn. But this all depends on how long you're willing to tolerate bad breath...

4. As you're brushing your teeth, do a wall sit.


Just put more effort into it than this guy. And if you brush your teeth for around two minutes, it'll be perfect!

5. OK, time to really wake up now. Two sets of 20 jumping jacks, go!


How're you holding up so far? Good? Good.



Always stay hydrated. It's just a good habit to have.

6. You want coffee, but your beans are on the top shelf. So grab a chair and do 30 step-ups while you're at it.


It hardly takes up any time, and it's a great way to strengthen those legs. The coffee is coming, promise!

7. As you wait for the coffee to brew, use the same chair to do 20 tricep dips.


If you're gonna invite people to the gun show, you better be prepared to deliver!

8. Now run in place as fast as you can for 30 seconds.


You're in the zone! Nothing can stop you right now!

9. *Checks watch* Uh-oh, it's nearly time to head out for the day. As you figure out what to wear, do some squats!


The more indecisive you are about your outfit, the more squats you get to do! Again, the choice is yours.

10. Quick, do 30 crunches without thinking about it. Then check yourself out in the mirror. ;)


Awww yeah. Look at those abs.

Now go take a shower, because even though you smell like hard work, no one else wants to smell that.


Pat yourself on the back nonetheless. You're awesome.