The Canada's Drag Race Roast Was A Little Too Spicy, But Here's Why I Couldn't Look Away

    Can we (as a family) talk about that ending?

    🚨 This post contains spoilers for Canada's Drag Race Season 2. 🚨

    Is it hot in here? Or is it just the roast episode of Canada's Drag Race?

    Like all iconic seasons of Drag Race before it, we were blessed (or... cursed?) with an incredibly memorable hour of television. Here are my Episode 7 highlights:

    1. You know we're in for a good hour of television because this episode starts off with a bang.*

    2. 7 episodes in and ultimately my frontrunner this season is still the Neutrogena Wipe Wall.

    3. Kendall Gender’s inspo for the "Fashion Puh-lease" mini challenge:

    4. The roast challenge is announced, and this year’s theme—Brooke Lynn Hytes, seems SO hard to me.

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    Like, what the heck are these queens gonna say? She’s gorgeous? She’s a great dancer? She’s so good she managed to land the hosting gig of an international multi-milLLION doLLAR frANCHISE?????

    5. While workshopping her roast, Adriana gives homage to Joanne.

    6. Every day I learn something new….

    7. Now let’s get to the roast! Kendall kicked it off super strong:

    8. While Adriana started off slow but worked her way up to a cackle from Brooke:

    9. Next up, Gia drove the struggle bus straight to the outskirts of Utica Queen territory.

    10. And Pythia basically rode in the passenger seat with all those clunkers.

    11. Thankfully Icesis swooped in to save the day.

    12. And while she started off with some good reads, Kimora ended the roast on a... spicy note.

    13. Dungeons and Drag Queens is another amazing runway prompt. Icesis and Gia looked stunning:

    14. And of course Pythia’s reveal left me with my jaw on the floor and with one question on my mind:

    15. After getting her critiques from the judges, Kimora revealing that she wanted to leave was shocking to me.

    16. After 7 episodes, I’m so glad Kendall finally got a win.


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    Every week I literally throw my laptop when they announce the song. b4-4???? Reader, I choked on my Peach Honey AHA (not sponsored). 

    18. If I was Gia I think I would have *snapped* during this lip sync!

    And while it was eye-brow raising, it was certainly memorable. Just like Kimora Amour herself! As she soared off into the sky, I asked what her gaggiest moment of the season was:

    What did you think of that ending? Was Kimora just interpretative dancing, or was it good old-fashioned self-sabotage? Sound off below!