Move Over Taylor Swift, The Only Eras Tour I Care About Is The One That Avril Lavigne Just Announced

    This is the best damn news I've heard all year.

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    Today is a truly momentous day in history.

    Forever reigning Punk Princess Avril Lavigne has decided to descend down from her throne and grace us, her humble servants, with dates for her 2024 Greatest Hits Tour.

    And to this I say— literally thank GOD!!!!!!!

    Now THIS is a an artist deserving of a Greatest Hits tour! THIS IS AN ARTIST who has actually HAD ERAS to celebrate! DON'T GET ME STARTED! HELLO IS THIS THING ON???

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    LIKE YES, of course there's "Complicated" and "Sk8er Boi" from Let Go. May their impacts on culture (aka their influence on me wearing studded wrist cuffs from Claire's for 3 years in a row) never, EVER be forgotten.

    But then who here amongst us HASN'T yelled "Don't Tell Me" from Under My Skin at karaoke, or asked their parents for pink streaks à la The Best Damn Thing era?


    Exaaaaaaaactly. Now say thank you to icon, legend, rock chick Avril Lavigne for everything she has DONE! 🫵🫵🫵🫵🫵

    And for even more 2000s pop-punk nostalgia, the tour also features fellow Canadian openers Simple Plan— a band whose concert my dad chaperoned me at in grade 7. Famously!

    5 guys in a band on a red carpet

    So, will you be taking your tie out of storage for the tour? Are you frying your hair with a straight iron in celebration? Because I SURELY am! Let us know in the comments below or over on TikTok and Instagram if you'll be checking out Avril Lavigne's Greatest Hits Tour this year!

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