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8 Completely Unnecessary Things You Should Stop Doing Now

Life is short, and we're all wasting our precious time!

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1. Quickly "un-liking" something you didn't mean to like.


If the other person has push notifications enabled, a notification will appear on his or her screen within seconds. Undoing your action will not cause the notification to magically disappear. Own it!

2. Brushing your teeth twice a day.


Dental health experts agree that once a day is fine; it takes 48 hours for bacteria to form in your mouth. Dentists emphasize brushing technique over frequency. So if you totally forgot yesterday - don't worry, you're not going to get a cavity!

3. Clicking "eject" before removing a USB on a Windows computer.


This only applies to Windows computers; when removing any drive from a Mac computer, you should always eject safely. However, if you use Windows, go ahead and yank away! Your interface is designed to keep your data from corrupting, even if you pull your USB out without clicking "eject" first.

4. Buying monthly public transportation passes.


In Los Angeles, a single trip on a bus or train is $1.75, and a monthly pass costs $100. That means you would have to take over 57 rides in one month just to break even. In most metropolitan centers, unless you take the bus or train twice per day, every single day, buying a pass is a waste of your money.

5. Hiding the pin-pad when entering your pin number.


Without physical possession of your card, someone who knows your pin number has no ability to access your account. You're probably just making the guy behind you feel like you suspect him of something.

6. Changing lanes because "the other lane is going faster."


A 1999 study found that the idea that the lane next to yours is moving faster is actually an illusion. In heavy traffic, we spend more time being passed than passing other cars, so it seems as if we're in the slower lane. However, in the same amount of time it takes for one car to pass you, you can pass multiple cars. As it turns out, the speeds of parallel lanes are practically identical when averages are taken. Stay in your lane!

7. Turning fluorescent lights on and off as you come and go.


It's always better to turn the lights off when you leave the room, right? Wrong! If your home or workplace is lit with fluorescent light bulbs, the Department of Energy recommends leaving the lights on when you leave, unless you plan to be gone longer than fifteen minutes.

8. Repeatedly pressing the "walk" button at an intersection.

There is some small part of all of us that believes it actually makes the wait time shorter... Sorry to burst your bubble, but only the first press of the button is recorded. Some newer buttons even light up to indicate that they have been activated. But if you really need those satisfying beeps to get you through your day, go for it.

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