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Finals Study Tips

Finals are just around the corner, so here are 11 tips to help you stay on top of your finals game.

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1. Start Early


One of the best ways to beat test anxiety is to over-prepare. As finals draw closer, organize and review your class notes from the entire semester. Plan your study time in a way that works best for you. You could study the material you are most worried about first, or study in the order your finals occur.

3. Stay Energized

Camber Sollberger

Everybody knows the relationship between studying and caffeine (in moderation!). But other foods can help keep you energized, too, such as mints or an apple.

And on that note...

9. Find Your Study Nook

The library gets crowded leading up to finals. If that's where you prefer to study, get there early. If the library isn't for you, or you can't find a good spot there, try:

* Empty classrooms: if they are locked, just call security and they will let you in.

* Study rooms in residence halls: every residence hall at Bellarmine has its own study room. If you do not know where it is, ask your RA.

* Coffee shops: The Highlands area is filled with great coffee shops, if that's your study scene. Check out our earlier list of local coffee shops for some recommendations.

* Sacred Spaces: Each building of the Siena Complex and Anniversary Hall have sacred spaces that are open 24/7. The Anniversary Sacred Space in particular is open to everyone, not just those who live in the building. Our Lady of the Woods Chapel is also open 24/7, just watch out for Mass times.

11. Be Positive

Finish strong! A positive outlook can change the context of any situation.

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