Which Maya Are You

WHICH MAYA ARE YOU?? Be honest. are u chill maya, a bad ass bitch, fucking crazy maya or annoyed maya. WE LOVE U MAYA!

  1. your friends want to go out, what do you say?
    1. you decide its better to watch netflix at home.
    2. duh your going out! you make sure that you know what the plan is though before you end up in a ditch in a sketch part of town.
    3. you hate all of these people, no way in hell you are going out w them. oops lol. do you care though.. no i didn’t think so
    1. yes! bitch im so pumped to go out that i get ready at 1 in the afternoon and can’t wait to see all of them.
  2. you get home from school, what do you do
    1. bitch u know where I’m headed. the fridge doors are waiting for me
    2. straight to my room to hide from my fam. i can’t deal w my two sisters all night, so hiding in my room is my only option
    3. you turn on your music as loud as you can until your mom walks into your room and makes you turn it down. meanwhile you are mid dance jumping up and down on ur bed.
    1. its been a long ass day time for a power nap.
  3. its time to head out for golf and you get paired with Eric andersen what do you do?
    1. a huge ass smile fills your face and you get red as a tomato. you can’t help but start jumping up and down squealing that you can’t control yourself anymore.
    2. you play it off like not a big deal, but in your head you are going fucking insane. Is this a dream?
    3. though you don’t want to admit it, this may be the best fucking moment of your life! YES BITCH
    1. ugh today is not your day. you can’t deal with him or anyone today. you roll your eyes at ms. wilson. oops
  4. you have a soccer game tonight but your friends are doing stuff. what do you do?
    1. fuck this. why can’t i just do both. jk Im going to end up staying home anyway
    2. I’m going to find a way to go to both. you pump yourself up w three energy drinks and your good to go.
    3. you don’t really care as long as you have a good time.
    1. you decide to go out with your friends. You hope that this shit is fun or it would have been a waste of time.
  5. a creepy senior won't stop snap chatting you. what do you do
    1. keep snap chatting his ass until you can mess with him later. you find it funny to seep doing it.
    2. ignore all of his snapchats because he asks to many questions that you don’t want to answer
    1. you kind of just go with the flow. if it gets weird you will cut the cord.
  6. Which of these best describes your personality.
    1. you find yourself helping others a lot but you are always there for them. you aren’t afraid to take someone down when they deserve it and you aren’t afraid to defend anyone else.
    2. you are constantly annoyed by some peoples presences. just the thought of certain people annoy the hell out of you.
    3. you do everything to have a good time. no matter what you always find a way to have fun and you are a very upbeat happy and energetic person.
    1. you don’t take anyone else’s hate. you don’t give a fuck and you live life in the moment.

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