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Which Member Of "The Grind Train Of Friendship" Are You?

Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in an all-girls dorm? Have you wondered what kind of girl you would be if you did live in an all-girls dorm? Now you can have all your questions answered. So grab that PRNDL, put it in park, and re-evaluate your life. It's time to find out who you really are.

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  1. It's 2 AM and you're starving. Where are you going to make a late night run to get food?

    Bella's room. She always has coffee.
    I say I'll do something adventurous but really I'll just go to Panch
    Pizza house
    Jimmy Johns
    Why would I be awake at 2 am???
    Jimmy John's duh
  2. You're going to Bubble Island. What do you order?

    Purple Haze
    Tropical Rush with the coconut stars
    Something with no bubbles
    The classic Purple Haze
    A cup full of mango stars
    Mango stars
    Anything with Mango Stars
    Classic milk tea b/c i'm basic af
    anything with mango stars
    Chicken nuggets
  3. You have a huge, important exam tomorrow. Where are you studying?

    In my room
    at the big table in the back of the Newman Advising Center Lobby
    lol, what's studying?
    My room - no distractions
    My room or the union
    Am I actually studying?
    3rd floor library
    Gold Room
    My bed
    Computer room
    Somewhere where no one can see me do any work
  4. Time to get lit. What's your drink?

    Something fruity
    Coffee is my stimulant of choice
    Water. Or maybe tea
    Chocolate milk
    Either Fireball and Rumchata or Malibu and Vernors. Trust me.
    Dude idek as long as it has a lot of alc in it and it doesn't taste like shit
    Anything, but it needs to be in a mug
    rum and coke
    pop and anything (but mostly pop)
    Rubbing Alcohol
    Apparently Jenna's rum
  5. Where's your favorite spot in Martha Cook to hangout?

    Wherever the majority of people are
    The entirety of a couch in the Gold Room
    Gold room
    Bella's Room
    Gold Room
    Someone's room
    the dining hall
    Gold room
    The roof
    rec room
    the roof
    Norin's room
  6. What are you allergic to?

    Omfg CHAPSTICK and laundry detergent and guinea pigs and lotion and BEES
    Buzzfeed Quizzes
    Deez nutz
    Penicillin and neosporin
    Country Music gives me hives, does that count?
  7. What kind of guy/girl are you attracted to?

    Engineers who are sweet and like theatre
    Ones with girlfriends/ nerds
    Nerds that are still cool. And hot.
    Preppy boys who don't like me back
    my type = no correlation
    Assholes who treat me like shit
    either a nerd or a prep
    Italian Activity Directors with photos of them with children
    Douchebags apparently
    A girl with a pulse
    Ones with girlfriends/ nerds
    White trash and Rossholes
  8. Which horrifying dating experience do you relate to most?

    No food during the date while we're at Dairy Queen
    I broke up with my boyfriend on our hs band trip to boston and then had to ride on a bus back with him the next day
    Seamus - a nerd that was neither cool nor hot.
    A guy I worked with asked me out last summer, and I cried the whole car ride home
    Can I just use the upside down smiling emoji?
    One time I went on a tinder date and he didn't laugh at anything I said.
    Lol dating
    My first kiss, "I'm gonna do something...."
    When I threw up while giving a blowjob
    "How's it feel to be sleeping with the leftovers? "
    Listening to a recording of a guy confessing his love for me SUPER CRINGEY
    "I am your daddy now"
  9. What celebrity or famous person do you relate to most?

    Bo Burnham
    Leslie Jones
    Eddie ed ed sheeran
    Emma Watson
    Michael Cera? Or the guy from Zombieland.
    I don't know any famous people.
    Liam Payne
    Jennifer Lawrence when she fell, but only before she started falling on purpose
    Auli'i Cravalho
    Bo Burnham
    cole sprouse
    Elle Woods
  10. Favorite party song?

    mr. brightside
    Vivaldi's Concerto in C Minor
    Mr. Brightside
    Lights down low by MAX
    September by Earth, Wind, and Fire
    Mr. Brightside by The Killers
    Don't Trust Me by 3O3!
    ....Mr. Brightside, duh.
    Mr. Bright side
    Victorious - panic at the disco
    Do I have to pick just one???
  11. What would you major in if you could pick anything?

    Making cool stuff
    Boys, Disney, and Food
    The Sprouse Twins
    Earth and Environmental Sciences
    Musical theatre
    building pillow forts
    I would double major in Naps and Beer Pong
    Book reading/reviewing
    Jedi Training
    memes and hockey
  12. Favorite "Overheard at MCB" quote?

    "I have theoretical knowledge of car jacking."
    "Guys, the sky is shitting cotton balls!"
    "they can't say that your meme love isn't valid"
    "Girlfriends are yield signs, not stop signs"
    "Doing an Irish jig is how you seduce a guy"
    "I read Dragon Tales fanfic"
    *during fire alarm at 12:30 am* "did I put my fit bit on? No, I'm not even gonna get steps for this!"
    "Holy cactus"
    "It's like when you chew gum but it's in your eye"
    "Satan would throw a major banger"
    "You know that one about the perks and the wallpaper"
    "I'm pre-gaming my Latin final with my stats final"
  13. What does Michael's tattoo look like to you?

    A tree on top of the earth
    It's meant to capture the necessary importance of preserving nature in the Earth, hence the reason why the tree stands upon the Earth with the symbol for "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" interwined within the branches. It symbolizes the outcry from nature that so
    a rat?
    I've never seen Michael's tattoo. I imagine a rat.
    One of those spiky turtle shells from Mario cart
    a rat
    An upside down evil octopus monster
    Never saw it tbh
    Vericose veins and dead dreams
    He has a tattoo?
    I'm pretty sure the Kraken from Pirates of the Carribean is involved?
  14. What is your role in the friend group?

    the princess
    The Vodka Aunt™
    The one who corrects everyone on sexual terminology and educated everyone on human sexuality.
    The stalker for the group, not the stalker of the group
    The vlogger omg
    The flamboyant rat boi who has no where else to go
    Mom for sure
    Sci-Fi Goddess
    The googler
    the organizer/hostess
    frat bro
  15. How many meme group chats are you in?

    Like 2 or 3 I'm not sure
    Omfg 3
    Dude like 10+
    Oh shit like 20
    Like 2-3 for every form of social media possible. so basically like 20
  16. What time do you usually go to bed?

    What's a bed? Sleep in the Gold Room.
    1 am
    12 AM
    It'd a good night if I get to bed before midnight
    2 am
    12 or 1
    4 am on a good day
  17. It's Friday night. What are your plans?

    A) the premed life or B) Nolen drives me to Barnes and Noble :))))))
    NASA and chill (and by chill I mean watch a movie)
    chilling with squad
    Do a little homework then hang out in Martha
    Hanging out with gossip girl/grind train squad
    Hit the frats!
    Netflix and no chill.
    Probably MCB OR Casual Gaming Club
    MOVIE NIGHT (after tea time of course)
    Either get trashed or do homework
    Going out!
  18. How many slides on your boy/girl powerpoint?

    like 50+ but I have several slides for a lot of people
    41 (including transitions and two per some people), ~30 without that
    14? Not a lot but I'm too lazy to go back and check.
    23 slides/13 boys
  19. What's your fetish?

    Making Google Forms
    loving and supporting friendships
    Nice calves
    hockey talk
    I'm not sure tbh
    Someone who will love and respect me
    Does espresso count?
    Don't have one.
  20. Favorite meme?

    What in tarnation
    Ayyy lmao skelington
    "Shoving bread sticks into my purse"
    How Italians "Blank"
    John Cena
    Dancing Winnie died too soon. RIP.
    "all is not well in waffleville"
    anything with taylor swift
    Wholesome memes
    guy with his finger on his forehead
    Willy Wonka
  21. The fire drill went off for the 83934th time. What do you grab on your way out of mcb?

    Why would I leave the building?
    Jacket, shoes, and my phone
    My vibrator just kidding lol
    Another box of unopened cereal.
    My laptop. Gotta check them memes
    My Play Doh and my phone
    Skinny pop
    My dark feelings of anger and suffering.
    my mixtape, it's causing the alarm
    Starbucks gold card
  22. Favorite food from Martha Cook?

    Chicken nuggets
    Grilled cheese!!!!
    gluten free muffins
    triple berry trifle
    Cucumber Sandwiches

Which Member Of "The Grind Train Of Friendship" Are You?

You got: Michael

Congrats! You got Rat Boi! You have probably realized this by now, but you are the male friend of the all-girl group. You spend all your time in Martha Cook even though you don't live there, but you wish you could. You probably have a tattoo that everyone else thinks is shitty, but that's okay because you make up for it in your smooth dancing skills. You have an unhealthy obsession with rats and Hamilton and Charlie Puth, and one day you might lose all circulation from wearing extra tight skinny jeans. Overall, you are a very decent person who doesn't shit on MCB unlike some people...

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You got: Emily

Congrats! You got Emuhhhhhhly! You are the badass, emo friend of the group who never lets anything get in her way. You love going to the frats and partying it up, but you always end up back in the gold room at MCB at the end of the night. Also, you aren’t afraid of anything, even being a stalker to support your friends. Usually, you probably always have a million things to do, but somehow, and with the power of espresso, you still get it all done. All while rocking an awesome septum piercing.

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You got: Mary

Congrats! You got Mary! Aka Chicken Broccoli Bake. Aka I Am Your Daddy Now. You are the awesome, funny, weather-loving chick of the friend group. If someone wants to know if they should wear a coat or grab their umbrella, they know they can always count on you to give them the deets on the daily forecast. Also, you have the funniest Tinder convos and killer Powerpoint Presentation skills. Amidst your busy schedule, you manage to make time for Disney flicks, musicals, acapella groups, and being hella sassy.

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You got: Brooke

Congrats you Pope-loving, chicken-nugget eating, Bo-Burnham obsessed emo chick! You got Brooke! You love listening to punk music but can also get down to Big Green Tractor, even though all country music is trash. When you aren’t obsessing over the Perks of Being a Wallpaper, you can probably be found watching The Office, Parks and Rec, or Bob’s Burgers. Even when Latin finals and shitty, poser fuckboys got you down, your love for wholesome memes gets you through anything. Poppin Tic-Tacs might be the end of you, but by the power of Pope Francis and if “Deus Vult”, then you will conquer all.

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You got: Emma

Congrats! You got Emma! You are the loving, caring Mom of the group who takes care of her little ducklings but also knows how to get lit and have a good time as well. One time you may have gotten in trouble for touching the Holy Cactus, but that’s okay because you got boys lining down the block to watch what ya got! (sorry for the Fergie reference). Anyway, when you aren’t gracing the halls of Martha Cook with your melodious voice, you are probably playing Nancy Drew or watching a musical.

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You got: Kat

Congrats! You got Kat! Your full name is Katherine, but you go by Kat. Anyways, you are the fun, sarcastic, salty af girl of the group with Rapunzel hair. Everyone loves you because of your sexual competence and love for correcting people on their improper usage of gender and health terminology. You managed to pass one of the hardest classes at U of M, so basically you are untouchable and conquer anything. Keep on being you the awesome Miranda-Sings-impersonating, Nyle-Dimarco-Loving, Pinterest-Board-Making book lover!

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You got: Jenna

Congrats! You got Jenna! You are the funny, hockey-obsessed, mug-loving, gluten-fearing friend of the group, You love to get lit, and you usually become the dancing, flirty drunk when you do. Sometimes you ignore your gluten allergy and indulge anyway, cause fuck it. You love all forms of pop culture, especially One Direction, the Sprouse Twins, and High School Musical. You are also a huge fan of all types of sports, especially hockey. You can usually be found at the football or hockey games on campus or tweeting about all the shitty players on the Ohio teams.

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You got: Regan

Congrats! You got Regan! Aka Rag-Dab. Aka Enginerd. Aka McCorn Butt. Aka R-swag. Aka Raggin. As you can tell, you have many nicknames given to you by your loving friends. You are the funny, quirky, smart, dorky, gluten-free friend of the group obsessed with Brendon Urie, The Office, Friends, and Gilmore Girls. You always capture the funny, and usually inappropriate, moments of the group through your constant vlogs on your rad finsta. Sometimes you get crazy Tinder messages that can involve weed poop, but your memes are always the dankest.

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You got: Cece

Congrats! You got Cece! You are the kind, witty, smart, and meme-loving friend in the group. You are hella intelligent and love anything science fiction, even though your friends usually make you watch Disney flicks and Rom-Coms. When you aren’t watching Doctor Who or Star Wars, you are probably boppin to “Staying Alive” by the Bee-Gees. Even though your friends may force you to watch Twilight, you would still probably beat anyone up that got in the way of your friends because you are hella tough. Also, you can rock long hair or short hair and any uniform.

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You got: Audrey

Congrats! You got Audrey! You are the sweet, funny friend of the group with the cutest outfits. You are so good at building things, probably because of your awesome architectural skills. You can probably be found rolled up in a blanket on the floor talking about potatoes and or burping on command. When you aren’t working towards abolishing ableism or trying to carry a bunch of materials to North Campus, you are probably working on a To-Do list of all the other stuff you have to do. People know you to be fun-loving and kind, but they can’t bro you til’ they know you.

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You got: Bella

Congrats! You got Bella! You are the kind, caring one of the group who always looks out for her friends. You are obsessed with One Direction, The Office, anything the color blue. You can be weird and loud at times, but it usually makes people laugh. You love your friend endlessly, and are probably in 20+ meme group chats with them. Also, whenever someones needs something, like a cup of coffee, a pack of Tic Tacs, some drugs, or a spy for their Tinder date, you always got a fresh supply. Actually, this whole description is unnecessary, because B!tch, you already been knew! So keep on listening to those bops and never stop having rad movie nights.

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You got: Alyssa

Congrats! You got Alyssa! You are the mermaid of the group. That’s right. You aren’t even human. You are a literal fish. When you aren’t splashing around in the water kicking ass at water polo, you are probably hoarding Gold Fish or changing your hair to another color (which you could rock any color of the rainbow btw). You call everyone in the friend group “lovelies”, but you are the true lovely. Your boy stories are great and hilarious, and you always manage to make everyone laugh. No matter what happens, you always find a way to get through it, probably because of your mermaid powers. Also, you could probably throw a lit af party with the Pope, Satan, and Bill Nye the science guy.

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