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    30 Dresses To Wear To Work That Aren't Boring

    Just say no to drab, gray dresses.

    1. A lacy three quarter sleeve you can wear all year, no matter the season.

    2. A navy midi dress covered in milkshakes, making it almost too fun to wear to work, but still professional enough to get away with.

    3. A floral swing dress with pockets to store all your pens and paperclips in (for emergencies).

    4. A floral dress complete with a yellow belt for a pop of color.

    5. A collared dress that'll make you look like Wednesday Addams if she grew up to work in the corporate world.

    6. A daring lace dress you can wear to work and *then* to a cocktail party.

    7. A textured, belted piece that will make you the queen of your cubicle.

    8. A darling bowed dress you can wear to the office or the boating yard.

    9. A belted swing dress complete with a magical swan scene on the skirt.

    10. A professional looking midi dress with a fun lacy skirt for looking like the boss even when you're not.

    11. A charming gingham dress that will make going to work feel like a picnic.

    12. An adorable floral maxi dress perfect for chasing away Monday blues.

    13. A pastel wrap-over that will add a much needed burst of happiness to your drab surroundings.

    14. A red swing dress complete with sash for an outfit that works at work or out on the town.

    15. A long sleeve, velvet dress perfect for super cold offices.

    16. A monochrome midi dress that will turn your office hallways into a runway.

    17. A gingham sleeved dress with a sizable bow fit for a vintage wardrobe.

    18. A polka dot dream you'll want to wear even out of the office.

    19. A color block shift dress that subtly makes you look like Neapolitan ice cream (in an extremely good way).

    20. A precious retro dress with cap sleeves and swoon-worthy heart-shaped buttons.

    21. A rockabilly polka dot dress that would make Minnie Mouse jealous.

    22. A navy chiffon dress with just the right amount of ruffles.

    23. A luxurious maxi dress that will look great billowing in the wind while you stroll into work.

    24. A retro pencil dress perfect for Lois Lane (or you!).

    25. A form fitting dress that looks good on everyone.

    26. A button-up maxi dress with a floral design begging to be worn all summer.

    27. A belted dress that will make you feel like you're on a tropical getaway even if you're just at your desk.

    28. A versatile A-line dress you can dress up or down for any occasion.

    29. A floral shift dress for a free flowing outfit you won't mind sitting in all day at your desk.

    30. A one-shoulder ensemble that's basically just a work shirt reconstructed into the shape of a dress.

    Get the attention of everyone at work.