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    28 Studio Ghibli Products You Absolutely Need


    1. A charming wall sticker that will make your room 10000% more whimsical.

    2. A Jiji lamp to light up your otherwise dim, magic-free life.

    3. A sweet Calcifer print that won't burn your bacon.

    4. A snuggly kigurumi for every Totoro fan who loves to be cozy.

    5. A pack of delightful Kodama to grace your garden with.

    6. A friendly little soot sprite who may not carry any coal for you, but will keep you company when you're driving.

    7. A silicone phone case featuring No Face or Totoro — it'll make bathroom selfies sooo much better.

    8. A beautiful paddle brush Ponyo would definitely love to use on her new human hair. Right after lunch.

    9. A dragon neck rest, because who doesn't want to cuddle up with Haku?

    10. A catbus planter that will be the purrfect place to keep your succulent or pens.

    11. A kit featuring My Neighbor Totoro cord protectors, end protectors, a charger sticker, and an organizer so your cords don't get lost, frayed, or tangled.

    12. A glittery Wind Also Rises enamel pin that might make you tear up every time you see it.

    13. A Jiji backpack to fill with fresh bread or whatever your own delivery service will specialize in.

    14. A pack of pens for the many faces of No Face.

    15. A Totoro apron for whipping up meals that look almost as good as the food in anime movies. ALMOST.

    16. A peaceful print to remind you to respect and revere your woodland friends.

    17. Or an equally peaceful train poster inspired by one of my favorite movie scenes of all time.

    18. A Porco Rosso tee — I bet you thought you'd find cool merch of this movie when pigs flew.

    19. A Jiji or No Face puzzle to enjoy while puzzling out all the hidden meanings in your favorite Studio Ghibli film.

    20. A pack of postcards inspired by locations from Totoro, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Nausicaa, and Porco Rosso.

    21. A Nausicaa print for anyone who doesn't get the willies from those giant bugs.

    22. A set of socks featuring four moving films that really deliver when it comes to spiriting you away.

    23. A Totoro car decal to immediately improve your ride.

    24. An adorable clear Ponyo tote perfect for boat trips — ideally on boats that don't suddenly shrink back into toys.

    25. A Chibi Totoro night-light that will be as soothing as another rewatching of Mei and the Kittenbus.

    26. A Haku and Chihiro sticker you'll love almost as much as Lin loves roasted newts.

    27. Kiki's Delivery Service hand towels that will magically turn you into your mother. "These are the guest towels! Don't use them!"

    28. And a four-piece Totoro bed set to keep you warm and safe while watching Studio Ghibli films in bed.

    I want to buy everything!

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