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    23 Things That Are Kinda Weird...But Also Really Cute

    Expect to give a little "ehh" and a little "aww."

    1. Isabelle thumb grips for your Switch in case you want to be attentively watched while you game.

    thumb grip shaped like the dog from animal crossing's face

    2. A pair of fuzzy Furby earrings sure to make your '90s heart swoon.

    white furry furby earrings

    3. A nonmedical face mask featuring an interesting design like a smattering of raccoons and opossums, a baker's dozen of cinnabunnies. or a message we can all relate to.

    4. A lil' potato light ready to be your best spuddy.

    light up potato with face

    5. Slingshot chickens offering plenty of ammunition to torment your siblings/friends/roommates with.

    stretchy chickens you can pull and shoot

    6. A Bernie ring for anyone still feeling the bern.

    ring shaped like bernies hair and glasses

    7. A candle so paw-sitively adorable, you may be afraid to ever burn it.

    upside down paw inside clear candle

    8. A Pennywise bath bomb because it's never too early to start taking spooky Halloween baths. Personally, I don't want Pennywise anywhere near my bathroom (way too much blood to clean up) but look at that rascal-y face! What a lil' stinker.

    9. A collection of gut-shaped erasers for people who know it's what inside that counts. These helpful organs will aid you whenever you make a mistake in a crossword or Sudoku. What's a five-letter word for something that you helps you with super tough puzzles?

    organ shaped erasers in different colors

    10. A pair of SpongeBob socks in case you wanna steal some style from your favorite undersea fry cook.

    socks designed like spongebob yellow legs with tube socks

    11. A pair of tiny bubble tea earrings for all you boba fans out there. What a refreshing new look!

    12. Emotions Explained with Buff Dudes, a book from Owlturd that explains abstract concepts about emotions with...buff dudes.

    buff dudes that say anger and sadness pummel the main character

    13. A print of Frank as his alter-ego, Ango Gobloggian. Welcome this beauty into your home and allow it to destroy your gallery.

    frank with white wig surrounded by flowers

    14. A tortilla blanket for anyone who would like to be as warm and snuggly as a burrito.

    tortilla blanket

    15. A bag of cat farts (cotton candy) for a purrfectly hilarious snack.

    bag of cart fart cotton candy

    16. A Cup of Noodles hamster hut so your furry friend can go through a similar college phase.

    small hamster in ceramic hut shaped like cup of noodles

    17. A cat zodiac puzzle if you're feline like a challenge.

    puzzle with zodiac cats

    18. A Blue Q dish towel with a devilishly funny design that deserves a prime spot on your oven handle.

    19. A Blobfish stress ball for when you feel like how this lil' friend looks. Take a break and squeeze this blob!

    sad looking blob fish

    20. A plush dinosaur chicken nugget you'll definitely wanna snuggle up with.

    fiurry stegosaurus nugget

    21. A bubble pop fidget toy that provides out-of-this-world relief for restless hands.

    smiling convex planets that you can push in

    22. A trio of shaking clown pens. Look them in their cute, dead eyes and tell them you don't want them. Go on. I dare you.

    clown pens with spring necks

    23. A dog toy shaped like a chest filled with magical items like a wizard hat, wand, potion, in case you wanna encourage your dog to take up a career in the dark arts.

    chest with holes that squeak toys can be hidden in

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