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25 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cozier For Under $15

Small little things that turn a room into ~your~ room.

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1. Surround yourself with pictures of friends and other things that make you happy by clipping them on your wall, possibly with this metal string set.

Urban Outfitters / Via

Each string set can hang up to 12 photos.

Promising review: "I bought one of these in store a while back and took it home and realized how much I loved them. I ordered another one the next day and they look great. Worth the price since they last a long time and hold up well." —MegDw

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $14.

3. Aim for less harsh lighting with the warm glow of these 60-watt Edison lightbulbs.

KINGSO / Amazon / Via

Promising review: "Edison bulbs are a strange, wonderful creature. My wife wanted these, so I picked them up. We put them in the recessed lighting over the kitchen table. It's a warm, subtle glow that looks really unique. Our home is pretty modern, so these were a nice vintage touch. We have bright LED type light in the other fixtures, so we can put on the Edison lights by themselves at night for a relaxing evening on the couch." —Kevin R

Get two from Amazon for $9.88.


4. Wash your sheets often, and don't be afraid to add a little fabric softener.

Mrs. Meyer's / Amazon / Via

Promising review: "Without exaggeration, this is the BEST fabric softener I have ever used! I think the real test is how soft your bath towels are after drying! They are SO wonderfully soft! Another thing: It's liquid and lasts a very long time!" —Susie

Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

5. Add some plant life to your room to give you some leafy company and purify the air. If you install this wall hook, you can even get some hanging plants.

Urban Outfitters / Via

The first step to getting a cozier room is adding some green friends.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $9.99.

6. Make your home smell more welcoming with the incense scent of your choice.

Satya / Amazon / Via

The package comes with 90 grams in six scents: Nag Champa, Sunrise, Sandalwood, Midnight, Patchouli, and Celestial.

Promising review: "The scents I've used so far (Patchouli and Celestial) smell exquisite. I live in a very damp area and this makes my basement apartment smell so much better and covers up the mildew odor that permeates every dwelling here. I've used the Nag Champa for years, but have never tried the other scents. They're good quality, long burning, and the scent is soft, not overwhelming. I was surprised to see how many incense sticks were in the package. These will last me for a long, long time and the price was so low." —Blue Dragonfly

Get it from Amazon for $8.50.

7. Light some attractive candles to set the mood.

Paddywax / Amazon / Via

Promising review: "This candle has an amazing subtle scent. I love to burn candles but many are too strong for my sensitive nose. It's fairly small but I expected that from reading the reviews. Once the candle burns down I will clean it out and repurpose the stylish concrete holder. I'll definitely order again!" —KK

Get it from Amazon for $12 (available in seven scents).


9. Add some ambience and feel good vibes with the help of Himalayan salt in the form of tea light holders or a lamp.

Crystal Allies / Via, JIC Gem / Via

Promising review: "What beautiful tea light holders! Our family is enjoying the quality of light they provide. We use them every night at dinner with beeswax tea lights. I was pleased that they do not match exactly because it means they're authentic salt." —Chippinggreen

Get the tea lights on Amazon for $14.99 or the lamp for $13.99.

11. Hold this precious, little, stuffed hedgehog in your hands while sitting on your bed, and feel at peace with the world.,

Promising review: "I bought this for my grandchildren. He is really soft and cuddly, unlike the real ones. I showed it to them on Facetime and they are looking forward to playing with him." —Linz

Get it from Amazon for $9.90.


12. Bring the cozy aesthetic of the Southwest to your home with a cactus marquee light.

YiaMia / Amazon / Via

Promising review: "This is the most adorable thing. It's a great accent that's the right size to fit in just about anywhere." —jovie

Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

14. Sleep like you have blackout curtains even if you can't afford them with a luxuriously soft eye mask.

Jersey Slumber / Amazon / Via

Promising review: "I like to sleep in complete darkness, and these do the trick. The adjustable strap doesn't dig into my head, the fabric is soft, and it's light enough that I don't get hot at night." —V

Get it from Amazon for $8.90.

15. Hang up a string of tiny globe lights to make your room feel like a charming bistro.

Dailyart / Amazon / Via

Promising review: "I got this string of lights for my craft room. I wanted something cheery to give it some fun type of lighting apart from the art lamps I have. These lights are perfect. They're small, but not too small, bright, but not too bright—and they're so cute! They're great at night if I'm watching a movie; they give off ambient light so the room isn't pitch black but not so bright they distract. A great purchase!" —Caroline Turner

Get it from Amazon for $10.99.


17. Make your bed more cuddly with a flannel blanket.

JML / Via, Emily B. / Amazon User / Via

Promising review: "This blanket is great quality and I'm super impressed. It's light weight but not cheaply thin; both sides are very, very soft. When I opened it there was no loose fuzz or odor. Anything new gets washed first, and it washed up fine with little to no fuzz. I started using it that night, and didn't overheat. It's perfect for my summer nights." —Carol K.

Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in nine patterns).

19. Fill the air with relaxing essential oils from this glowing diffuser that switches between six different hues.

Radha Beauty / Via

Promising review: "This is a great diffuser. It blows out air efficiently and works nicely in a bedroom. It's a nice gadget that's easy to clean. There's a slight noise, but it's nothing that will keep you awake. This is a great value." —JLP

Get it from Amazon for $13.95.


21. Add some warmth to your bare floor with this ultra-adorable Hello Kitty rug.

Bestfashion / Amazon / Via, Vicki Richert / Amazon User / Via

This thin rug is just what you need to add a little personality to your room.

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

23. Add a bed skirt to your bed frame to cover up all the mess you've been hiding under there.