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    Vastly Improve Your Life With A Rosé Subscription

    Join the Summer Water Societé and feel ~fancé~ all season.


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    You know that barely tolerable expression, “rosé all day?”

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    It used to be a fantasy, an aspiration, a slogan printed on the tank top of a person hitting bottomless brunch too hard.

    Well now, dear reader, all your wildest, booze-fueled dreams are a reality. You can now get a seemingly endless supply of rosé delivered right to your door.


    No more having to make a second trip to the liquor store.

    Here’s the deal: You pay $350 and Winc (the beloved wine subscription service) lets you become part of their “Summer Water” societé. It’s basically a ton of rosé (ahem, “summer water”) mailed to you over three months.

    Hannah Gweun / Via Winc

    When we say a ton, we mean the equivalent of 18 bottles of wine delivered from May until July.

    That means you get a giant delivery of wine each summer month.


    In May, you get three magnum bottles of wine. These massive bottles are 1.5 liters, meaning they’re just .15 liters smaller than a handle. Except it doesn’t even have a handle, so you have to hold it by the bottle’s neck like a pastel pirate.

    In June, you get a 24 pack of “droplets,” so you can reluctantly share these pink babes with all your buds. They’re each 187 milliliters ounces, so in total, it equals six normal size bottles. Consider it the “fun size” version of wine. 

    Then in July, you get three more magnum bottles, because Texas is right about everything being better when it’s bigger than your face. You may never see the pink-hued bottom of a bottle ever again.

    Oh, and by the way, this wine is really good.

    Hannah Gweun / Via Winc

    I’ve tried this stuff and it’s heaven.


It’s a central coast Grenache and Syrah blend with grapes from Monterey and Santa Barbara County. It has notes of strawberry, grapefruit, and white peach. I’m not drooling, you are.

    Also, not for nothing, Winc crushes it when it comes to packaging, so the bottles are just pretty to look at.


    I meeeannn, look at these things. Your fridge is gonna look like an art gallery. You'll have to hire an art handle to gently place these in your fridge while wearing white gloves.

    Also a friendly reminder that even if you have a lot of wine, you don’t need to drink it all! Share with your pals and keep things ~responsible~.

    Hannah Gweun / Via Winc

    Since the magnum bottles are so big and droplets are so shareable, it’ll encourage you to host more shindigs and get out with your friends.

    You can sign up for this, TBQH, killer deal at Winc. Enrollment is open until May 15th, so don’t sleep on this!

    Hannah Gweun / Via Winc

    Also, thankfully, shipping is free! (No dogs were intoxicated during the making of this post.)

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    Allison Krausman / BuzzFeed

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