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    27 Awesomely Unusual Accessories To Add To Any Outfit

    Add a little ~razzle dazzle~ to your wardrobe.

    1. A bejeweled fake collar that's a real gem.

    2. A sparkly beret for bringing the party with you wherever you go.

    3. A googly-eyed brooch that stares back at you.

    4. A celestial necklace to make your head the center of the universe.

    5. A pair of glasses for looking smart.

    6. A frilly pink tote bag that is not kitten around with how cute it is.

    7. Fishnet socks you'll want to be caught wearing.

    8. Or fishnet socks with fancy little bows in the back.

    9. A pair of hair clips that are a sight for sore eyes.

    10. A confetti beanie worth celebrating.

    11. A golden retriever key cover so you won't have to paw around your bag looking for your keys.

    12. A pair of fuzzy ear muffs that double as headphones so you can jam out in the coldest of temperatures.

    13. A Paul Blart enamel pin no outfit is complete without.

    14. A pair of pearl-lined socks that are so clam adorable.

    15. A patterned umbrella so cute you'll be keeping an eye out for rain.

    16. An eared baseball cap that's a real cat-ch.

    17. A pair of glittery socks you'll be doing lip service for every time you wear them.

    18. A cheesy brooch we dairy you not to love.

    19. A fuzzy scarf for a Muppet chic look.

    20. A macabre bird skull hair tie that'll look great in your hair, no bones about it.

    21. A quirky necklace featuring a unicorn in a jar so you'll always have magic on hand.

    22. A leather belt with a mosaic buckle that's pretty much a work of art.

    23. Floral collar clips to help your outfit bloom.

    24. An ornate clutch perfect for any Daisy Buchanan-types.

    25. An air dancer enamel pin for the days you want the confidence of a used car salesperson.

    26. Tasseled reindeer earrings that are going to sleigh.

    27. Rhinestone-studded barrettes for turning your hair into a Times Square billboard.

    28. A pack of luxurious velvet scrunchies that are as nice to your hair as they look on your wrist.

    29. A pair of chained collar clips for adding some extra flair to your button-down.

    When someone doesn't notice your new, flashy accessory: