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28 Things You Don't Need But Will Definitely Buy Anyway

Don't look at this list if you're trying to save money.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A pair of stockings that are the cat's meow.

Get 'em on Amazon for $3.06.

2. A collection of toothpicks to add some life to your food.

Can you still eat something if it's looking at you? It's time to find out.

Get these on Amazon for $4.65.

3. A hair pin that will turn you into a majestic, antlered forest nymph.

You could use a hair tie, or you can become a deer.

Get it from SpiceWildflowers on Etsy for $45+.

4. A pair of collar pins to give any shirt a new outlook.

Get a second pair of eyes with these darling collar clips.

Get it on Etsy for $12.

5. An inflatable oyster shell you can emerge from like you're Venus, goddess of beauty, love, and looking fire at the beach.

You could settle for your run-of-the-mill crocodile float, or you can be luxurious as hell and lounge in a throne. It comes with an inflatable pearl you can chuck at people if they're not admiring you enough.

Get it on Urban Outfitters for $86.

6. A unicorn candle holder that weeps rainbows, for a sadistic ambience.

You know, if crying animals are your thing. You and Voldemort would get along.

Get it on Firebox for $25.59.

7. A black bath bomb for the most metal bath time ever.

Relaxing has never been so hardcore.

Get it on Amazon for $6.99.

8. A deck of cards that's basically Solitaire IRL.

The original designer, Susan Kare, was commissioned to design the joker cards for this pack. With that kind of star power behind the design, how could you resist such fancy cards?

Get it on Amazon for $19.57.

9. A set of seven erasers to turn your desk into a zoo.

The collection comes with six animals — and one log.

Get it on Amazon for $5.75.

10. A flamingo snow globe that replaces snow with glitter, for people who hate the winter.

Snow globes really need to be an all-year thing. Swirling around glitter is definitely the prettiest way to relax.

Get it on West Elm for $24.

11. An egg mold for turning your breakfast into a dapper feline, minus the cat hair.

Or you could just arrange your eggs and bacon into a smiley face like an AMATEUR.

Get it on Amazon for $13.27.

12. A nesting doll that reveals three monochrome woodland creatures.

You don't need this at all. What do nesting dolls even do? But it is really cute... Maybe there's a spot on the shelf for it.

Get it on Fab for $38.

13. An ice-pop mold to transform your snacks into nautical shapes.,

Your freezer can be filled with edible friends.

Get it on Amazon for $19.99.

14. An out-of-this-world necklace that lets you be the center of the universe.

Your face will glow like the sun with this on.

Get it on ThinkGeek for $39.99+.

15. A set of magical cupcake liners and toppers for magical parties.,

Cupcakes are delightful on their own, but putting a unicorn on top is very tempting.

Get it on Amazon for $13.

16. A helpful dinosaur that holds tacos and is destined to be your best friend.

Never worry about taco spillage (or loneliness) again.

Get it on Amazon for $17.96.

17. A waffle maker straight from Darth Vader's kitchen.

Having a waffle maker might seem like an unnecessary expense, but you'll forget all about it once you smell a Death Star cooking. Come to the Dark Side — they have blackberries.

Get it on ThinkGeek for $31.99.

18. A super-specific enamel pin for Nicktoons lovers.

Stoop Kid's afraid to leave his stoop, but don't be afraid to get this pin.

Get it from MidnightDogs on Etsy for $10.

19. A Jesus air freshener to bless your car.

Let Jesus take the wheel with a heavenly fresh scent.

Get it on Amazon for $5.98.

20. A collection of six geometric hair pins for putting your hair back in style.

Accessorize your hair with moons, triangles, and circles.

Get it on Amazon for $7.98.

21. A feline toilet brush holder that looks like it's seen some shit.

You okay, buddy?

Get it on Amazon for $16.99 (available in black or white).

22. A pair of Snorlax slippers to fully convey how lazy you are.

Not even a Pokéflute is getting you up when you wear these comfy things.

Get it on ThinkGeek for $29.99.

23. A Vincent van Gogh plush that will give you swirly dreams when you cuddle it.

A more thoughtful gift than the standard teddy bear.

Get it on Amazon for $18.99.

24. A unicorn horn to jazz up your pet.,

When sprinkles needs a little more pizazz: Add a unicorn horn. Just be warned that some supernatural occurrences may happen if you choose to arm your cat with one.

Get it on Amazon for $5.81.

25. A rousing game of Cat-Opoly that will tear your family apart.

Instead of warring with your grandma over Atlantic Avenue, duke it out for the British Shorthair Square.

Get it on Amazon for $24.25.

26. A squirrel feeder for pranking neighboring squirrels hard.,

Make those pests pay by embarrassing them with a horse mask.

Get it on Amazon with $12.18.

27. An egg candle that "hatches" into your new dinosaur baby.

Before grabbing a lighter, make sure you're ready to be a dino parent.

Get it on Firebox for $38.39.

28. A sandwich slicer for turning your lunch into two dinosaurs.,

Forget triangles: The apatosaurus is the next sandwich trend.

Get it on Amazon for $6.05.

Don't say we didn't warn you!


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