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23 Things That'll Help You Have The Coolest Locker In School

You're gonna be sooo popular.

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1. Add a carpet to make your locker feel more like home.,

Promising review: "So cute. I can't wait for school to start. We bought this for my niece who starts middle school soon. She loves it! Great gift for kids getting their lockers for the first time!" —LeslieNT

Get the polka dots on PBTeen for $9 or the shag on Amazon for $14.48.

3. Make the most of the space you have with a locker shelf.

Promising review: "The shelf provides lots of storage, great for organization, gives you up to three compartments to store books and other items. It's easy to set up/take down and it can hold lots of books. I love this product." —lanes

Get it from The Container Store for $24.99.


4. Bring some nature to the locker scene with a magnetic vase for holding a flower (ideally a fake one).

You could hypothetically just keep bringing in flowers, but who wants a wilted flower in their locker?

Get it from The Container Store for $4.99.

6. Wrap items in washi tape if the original color isn't to your liking.

Dull mirrors, cups, and other accessories can instantly become flashy and fun with a layer of tape.

Promising review: "This washi tape set is amazing. All of the print designs are so cute; it's hard to pick a favorite! They're great quality with good adhesive. The designs show through and look even better in person! You won't be disappointed." —Ele

Get it on Amazon for $9.99.


9. Stick some planetary magnets on the door for some out of this world decor.

These magnets are science teacher approved.

Promising review: "These magnets are the best. My boy immediately loved it and told me about the planets he learned at school. They're a great gift and great tool for hanging notes and drawings on the refrigerator." —RKH

Get it on Amazon for $14.99.

10. Or make your own using plain, industrial magnets.

Also science teacher approved.

Get the tutorial on Yellow Brick Home.


12. Make your locker look bigger with a classic trick—adding a mirror.,

Promising review: "This really is unbreakable! We have it outside in a chicken coop (for chicken entertainment), and we have seen them stare at it for hours! It doesn't fog up or get dirty, even though we live in Colorado with rain, snow, and wind. It's hanging with just a small zip tie with no problem because it's very light." —Amazon Customer

Get the simple mirror on Amazon for $9.99 or the makeup brush holding mirror on PBTeen for $14.99 (available in two colors).

14. Construct elegant poetry with magnetic words.

Promising review: "This is a really nice little set. My daughter and I have enjoyed mixing and matching to create our own little verses." —Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon for $8.95 (available in multiple themes).


16. Stick gold polka dots on the walls for some kitschy charm.

Promising review: "This is a great design that goes on very easily and can be pulled back to adjust placement. It's nice and thick so it doesn't rip when applying and lays well over parts of the locker that aren't perfectly flat or smooth (like little screws and vent slots). Also, the magnetic locker accessories still work perfectly over it." —savvygirl007

Get it on The Container Store for $9.99.

17. Show off pictures with a clothespin and sloth paperclips.

Promising review: "These are awesome if you like sloths. They're great quality and just so cute. They come with the green string that's not attached to the clips, in case you want to use the clips by themselves, which is what I do. The rubber sloths are just as pictured and well attached to the clips. I use them every day on my work folders and would buy them again." —Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon for $7.65.


21. Hide any unwanted smells with an air freshener based on the world's greatest Hide and Seek champ.

Promising review: "I got these for party-favors at our son's Bigfoot birthday. Its a nice woodsy smell. Not disgusting like Bigfoot smells in real life." —Jerilyn

Get it on Amazon for $5.35.