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21 Beautiful Ring Sets You'll Want On Your Fingers ASAP

Load 'em up!

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5. These two sterling silver rings come together to form a hippo.

One ring has the head and the other has the body, so you need to wear them at the same time for them to make sense (unless a headless hippo ring is your thing). They come in both US and UK sizes.

Get it from Etsy for $67.11.

6. This set of rings that are based off of the elements will make you feel like a Planeteer.

Wear these while recycling and Captain Plant will be so proud! The ring sets come in groups of three and have elemental themes like air, water, fire, earth, along with new age-y themes like energy and spirit.

Get one set from Etsy for $24 or all six sets for $139 (available in sizes 6-9).


14. These sleeping cat rings show your dedication to a good nap.

Just remember to pop these off before going to bed so you don't stab yourself with cat ears in your sleep.

Get a sterling silver ring from Etsy for $24 (available in sets of one, two, or three).


17. These whimsical silver rings will make you feel like a fashionable Caesar.

The set comes with two beaded rings and a laurel of silver leaves. Wear them when you want to feel one with nature, or expand an empire.

Get them from Etsy for $44 (available in matte or polished finishes).

18. This double ring is the answer to all your witchy dreams.

The set comes with a sterling silver raven ring that curls around a hammered gemstone ring. Together, the rings make a strong statement piece that's sure to turn heads at your next pagan meeting.

Get these from Etsy for $135 (available in sizes 4-13 and with a variety of different stones).

19. These resin rings are so pretty, you're going to want to stack as many as you can fit on your hands.

Each ring has flakes of gold, silver, and copper for an eye-popping effect.

Get one from Etsy for $16.32 (available in sizes 4.25-9.75).