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    25 Awesomely Spooky Products For Tim Burton Lovers

    Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange?

    1. A skater skirt with suspenders featuring the words "we're simply meant to be" along the hem.

    2. A poetry book called The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories written and illustrated by Tim Burton detailing the sad and unusual lives (and sometimes deaths) of monster children.

    3. A pair of combat boots with a surprise Sally pattern in the lining.

    4. A Sparky plush toy for people who want a Frankenweenie of their own.

    5. A Pee-Wee Herman bobblehead you can almost hear giggling as it dances.

    6. A sporty hockey sweatshirt to wear when you want to play varsity for Halloween Town.

    7. A Nightmare Before Christmas coloring book that's really going to exhaust your black and gray crayons.

    8. A few figurines of Tim Burton's characters you might remember from The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories.

    9. A Jack Skellington head here to help you practice good oral hygiene by holding your toothbrushes because sharp teeth is pretty much being scary 101.

    10. A Chromosphere necklace from Alice Through the Looking Glass with a tiny Alice inside.

    11. A Mars Attacks! tee to wear if you somehow got over the trauma of seeing it way too young as a kid.

    12. A Halloween-themed dog rope toy perfect to give to the Zero in your life.

    13. A Catwoman pin for people who still prefer Michelle Pfeiffer's performance above all else.

    14. A fancy skater dress featuring everybody's favorite ghost dog on the skirt.

    15. A pair of sand worm earrings slithering through your ears to intimidate Beetlejuice or other deceased con men.

    16. A game of Operation or Monopoly with a spooky Nightmare Before Christmas spin for a scary game night.

    17. A Maggot bookmark that won't live in your head and give you advice, but will definitely hold your place in a book.

    18. A locket necklace that looks like the Handbook for the Recently Deceased you can use to keep a couple of ghostly keepsake photographs.

    19. A simple Mars Attacks! patch for adding some freaky flare to your clothes.

    20. A two-disc vinyl of the Nightmare Before the Christmas soundtrack for both Christmas and Halloween listening.

    21. A pullover sweater from the department store in Batman Returns featuring a cat logo you might recall also made an appearance in Nightmare Before Christmas.

    22. A Mars Attacks! print that doesn't come in peace.

    23. A collection of mini notebooks for recording all your important notes on Christmas.

    24. A die cut Edward Scissorhands sticker with such clean lines, it looks like Edward cut the stickers himself.

    25. A pair of black and white-striped leggings for channeling your inner Beetlejuice.

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