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    31 School Supplies You'll Want To Steal From Your Kids

    Shh, they'll never notice.

    1. This cute correction tape that will have you ducking your kid when they ask you where it went.

    2. A nostalgic series of Nicktoons notebooks featuring Hey Arnold, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Rocko's Modern Life, and Rugrats.

    3. This set of cactus pens that might lead to a prickly situation when you nab one for yourself.

    4. This book-shaped backpack you could totally see yourself "borrowing" for just a quick trip to the library.

    5. These adorable paw print sticky notes that honestly might look better in your notebook.

    6. This pack of classic scented markers you'll probably appreciate even more than your children.

    7. These owl sharpeners that you can split amongst the family (or hoard for yourself).

    8. This clear pencil case with animals printed on it... it actually may be better for holding makeup or some other adult stuff?

    9. This childish nose sharpener that might actually be inappropriate for school, so you should just hold onto it for now.

    10. This set of genius highlighters that actually show what's being highlighted.

    11. This left-handed notebook your smudged hands wish you had in high school.

    12. These animal shaped erasers you might find yourself pocketing when your kid isn't looking.

    13. This unicorn post-it holder that would possibly look better in an office setting.

    14. This bunny(?) two-color pen you'll be admiring from across the room.

    15. This giant pack of gel pens for endless art projects.

    16. A pair of toucan scissors—you'll wish they would fly right into your hands.

    17. A pineapple pencil holder that turns pens into leaves.

    18. These superhero paperclips you'll need superhuman strength to keep you from taking.

    19. A set of Pantone notebooks for color lovers (AKA you).

    20. A pack of sticky notes that divide notebooks—and the family when everyone starts fighting over them.

    21. This notebook with relaxing clouds instead of lines.

    22. This set of Harry Potter notebooks that are going to need one strong anti-theft charm.

    23. These puffy stickers you could totally see yourself putting on everything.

    24. These gold star stickers because if you buy them, then you don't have to wait for a teacher to award them.

    25. This sequin mermaid backpack—it amazingly changes colors when you pet it.

    26. A pack of rainbow sticky notes that feel like a pot of gold

    27. This push-pin filled sheep you'll have to make a point not borrow (because you'd never give it baah-ck).

    28. This marble laptop case for the classy kid, or let's be real, adult.

    29. This holographic backpack that's going to make you wish you were a kid again.

    30. A unicorn pencil holder for making writing a little more magical.

    31. And this panda stapler you're going to have to avoid making eye contact with.

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