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    33 Swimsuits That'll Make You Feel Like A Pin-Up Model

    You don't even need a time machine to enjoy these old school looks.

    1. A classic tie-front bikini you'll constantly be posing in, even when there's no camera around.

    2. A patterned, high-waisted bikini for high expectations on your next vacation.

    3. A sweet swimsuit covered in fruit for an a-peel-ing new look.

    4. A nautical swim dress to wear to your next undersea formal event.

    5. A red maternity swimsuit so you and your future baby can look straight fire.

    6. A flamingo two-piece you'll be tickled pink to wear.

    7. A leopard print bikini to channel your inner Bettie Page.

    8. An old-school bikini you can bet is Minnie Mouse-approved.

    9. A vibrant color-block monokini sure to turn heads at the beach.

    10. A backless, plunging one-piece that will still have your back.

    11. A strappy swim dress you'll be preening like a peacock in.

    12. A high-waisted bikini with a ruffly top sure to ruffle some feathers when you tell them how cheap it was.

    13. A ruffly, backless swimsuit perfect for showing off that sailor tattoo you just got on your shoulder.

    14. A patterned two-piece decked out in bows everyone will be bowing down to when you debut it this summer.

    15. An emerald one-piece so magically beautiful, it's as if the Wizard of Oz himself gave it to you.

    16. A contrast swimsuit with a structured top to give your girls the support they need while running down the beach.

    17. A tropical one-piece to make every swim feel like an exotic photoshoot, even when you're just swimming in the town pool.

    18. A high-waisted swimsuit with buttons you'll be saying "ahoy there!" to.

    19. A ruched one-piece to pair with a victory roll and cat-eyed sunglasses for the ultimate retro babe look.

    20. An off-the-shoulder ruffle-fest sure to be the highlight of your next vacay.

    21. A ruched halter one-piece that every avocado lover just hass to have.

    22. An old-school patterned monokini Betty Grable would LOVE.

    23. A darling bikini with a seersucker-inspired pattern for people who prefer to enjoy sweet tea on the beach instead of beer.

    24. A pineapple covered bikini you'll be pining for.

    25. A striped monokini with cut-out sides for a sexy, modern spin on an old classic.

    26. A plunging red and black one-piece you should just take the plunge and buy already.

    27. A ruched monokini that will be the cherry on top your next vacation.

    28. A peplum tankini you'll feel like a total sea princess in.

    29. A black and white chevron two-piece that's a great homage on Barbie's classic one-piece.

    30. A scalloped monokini — you'll be a shell-shocked when you see how good you look in it.

    31. A gingham swim dress inspired by a picnic blanket because you'll be looking like a snack.

    32. A strappy bikini you can really get tied up in.

    33. And a nautical mismatched bikini that will make you an honorary sailor.

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