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24 Products That Are Sure To Liven Up Any Dull Moment

Some very pleasant items for unpleasant times.

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4. Make driving a funnier experience with a squirrel air freshener.

Promising review: "Elegant. Timeless. Classic. This air freshener is none of those things, but it is a cute squirrel, it smells good, and it was hilarious to see my husband's surprise when he noticed it in his car." —Diana Mann

Get it on Amazon for $5.19.


8. Finally feel some joy while meal prepping by adding some cute cats and dogs to your bento box.

Promising review: "These are so cute! I got them to put into my girls' school lunches. They'll be surprised and happy to see these little forks in their lunch. It's the little things that make their day." —D. Dymarkowski

Get it on Amazon for $6.67.

9. Finally get excited to do laundry, because it means you can use these impossibly cute cactus dryer balls.

Promising review: "They're adorable, cheap, and do what they're supposed to. Love these little things. My kid wants to help me with the laundry because there are toys that stay in the dryer now." —J. Jenkins

Get it on Amazon for $8.99.


11. Break out a travel speaker to add some jams to any uncomfortably quiet times.

Promising review: "I love this little speaker. It has great volume for such a small thing. It's portable and easy to carry or pack. I've used around the house, out in the back yard, and even at the beach and haven't had any problems at all." —Erica S.

Get it on Amazon for $27.99.

14. Kill some time at work and annoy your co-workers with a phantom USB.

Pop this subtle USB into an unsuspecting victim's computer (it works best if they have a large monitor with USB ports in the back) and set it to change caps lock, type random symbols, move the mouse randomly, or all three at once.

Get it on ThinkGeek for $9.99.


15. Make cleaning way more fun with a fuzzy, pink llama duster.

Try not to get jealous of this little duster's gorgeous fuchsia locks.

Get it on Firebox for $16.89.


21. Feel like a champ for carrying your clothes to the laundromat with a drawstring punching bag.

22. Really challenge everyone with a puzzle within a puzzle.


23. Water your plants the most whimsical way possible with an elephant watering can.

Promising review: "This baby elephant is just as endearing as the real thing. It's a good size for watering houseplants or office plants, and you'll let this sit right out because it's too sweet to put away. This baby Jumbo is your answer to plain, ugly, expensive watering cans, and as a gardener, I'd love to get this as a gift." —thefriendlylabrador

Get it on Amazon for $5.08.

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